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2/2 c74 ALEK 90s
Chapters 45, 50, 51, 74, 78, 83, 85 :

"Take My Breath Away" by Berlin
"The Experience of Love" by Eric Serra
2/2 c51 ALEK 90s
Chapters 45, 50, 51, 74, 78, 83, 85 :

"Take My Breath Away" by Berlin
2/1 c85 DaftMerc39
Chapters 84 and 85 are amazing.

Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee finally made their moves to their own lovers. Aayla Secura embrace her feelings to Steve and both of them enjoy their moments together. Same goes with Barriss Offee embrace and confess her feelings to Peter Parker and Ahsoka Tano I bet the three of them will date back and forth with each other like Peter to Barriss, Peter to Ahsoka, Ahsoka to Barriss, and Peter x Ahsoka x Barriss.

At least Aayla Secura didn't hear Steve's music like "It's Been a Long, Long Time" or "We'll Meet Again" to dance with him, I wonder Barriss got a favorite music from earth.

In the future I hope the Avengers who are paired with star wars girls can possibly have kids of their own when the time is right.

I wonder the Star Wars characters ever seen videos of Earth Video Games like Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo in cutscenes or walkthrough.
2/1 c85 Guest
1/29 c85 6Riku Uzumaki
From the looks of things, Maul is aligned with the Yuuzhan Vong. Also, it looks like the UST between Steve and Aayla has finally been resolved.
1/29 c78 ALEK 90s
On Chapter 85 Imagine Anakin's & Padmé's ; Bucky's & Celeste's ; and Peter's & Ahsoka's & Barris' reactions to Steve x Aayla relationship
1/29 c85 Mushroom Kingdom Warrior
Something in the air? Sniff, sniff… Smells like… fish? What the heck?

As for the spicy casting suggestions… Well, nothing wrong with being attracted to good-looking women – and wanting said women to play characters that they fit – but that might’ve been a little TOO much information for my taste. Though I will admit, it’s kinda funny that you cast Angela WHITE as a PINK-skinned woman named Deliah BLUE. You sure you didn’t just do that for the sake of a joke? XD

This chapter was definitely all about love. Most of it was about romantic love – eros – but then there’s the scene at the beginning with Anakin and Ahsoka that’s all about philia – brotherly love or strong friendship. It was great to see Anakin get Ahsoka to open up about her near-death experience while also admitting how he felt when their bond was severed. It’s a nice way to show that after the events on Mortis and Tatooine, the two really do trust each other with everything now.

Speaking of which, it’s good to hear (even if just in passing) that the heroes that went to Mortis all have noticeably been affected considering how crazy that ordeal was. It seems Anakin is also wrestling with a ghost from that mission, namely a specter of Vader following him around. Wonder how that will turn out… *breaths heavily*

I liked the nod to Tales of the Jedi with Ahsoka’s training with the clones. I think it actually makes MORE sense to do it here given she and Anakin know about the inhibitor chips and Order 66. It’s like insurance: you pray you never have to use it, but you know you need to get it regardless.

It looks like Anakin approves of Rex’s future waifu, both personality wise and looks wise. (Down, boy, you have your OWN hot wife!) Knowing how crazy he and the rest of the 501st all are, and about Deliah's own antics in Legacy, I think she’ll fit in juuust fine.

Now for the bit that got the biggest cheer out of me: Aayla, after some encouragement from her masters, finally confesses to Steve! But first, the scene with her masters was a great example of storge – familial love – as they pull from their own experiences and pass it down to their younger counterpart. What they spoke about is what a good chunk of the Jedi needs to hear: love and attachments do not lead to the dark side; fear of losing them does. Wonder if they got from Revan and Jolee Bindo. I also adored the little touch of Aayla briefly despairing about what’ll happen to Steve when he dies since he’s not of the Force – a type of despair believers of any faith have when those not of their faith die.

And then, Aayla confesses, and after all that buildup, all that hesitation from both parties… no better way to put it than the dam finally breaking. Boy, was this a LONG time coming! Our beloved blue Twi’lek couldn’t find a better man than Cap, and the kid from Brooklyn likewise found a beautiful badass good girl to stand beside him. But now, they face new challenges ahead. How will Aayla balance her attachment to Steve and her commitment to the Jedi? Will Steve’s guilt rack him when he learns what happened to Peggy? Those are questions for another day, though; let’s just celebrate my second-favorite pairing in this story reaching first base!

The scene with Scott and Hope marks… I would say a blend of storge and eros due to their conversation about settling down and having children. It’s good to see those two get a moment to themselves since they generally take a back seat to the others. Also, it’s funny that Scott refers to the hypothetical kid as “Jelly” considering Janet’s nickname for Hope was “Jellybean.” And yes, Scott, Hank WILL try to kill you. Janet, on the other hand, will enthusiastically ask for grandbabies! …after you rescue her, of course.

Another example of philia with T’Challa and Matt, both with each other and their respective comrades in the Wookiees and the Guardians of the Whills. I like how all throughout the story you’ve been developing a triad between those plus Peter by having them frequently work together, banter (of course), and opening up to each other about their personal issues – like here with their concerns about their friends facing rising evils, as well as discussing Matt’s disastrous romance with Elektra. I’m hoping we’ll see her or some other elements from the Defenders side of the MCU in the near future, and I’m not just saying that because I want her to butt heads with Bo-Katan. ;)

Hey, Wanda and Vision finally get a scene together! Wonder if there will be some eros brewing there~. Though I also like their debate about the Jedi, the light and the dark, all that good stuff – another obvious seed for Civil War, with a tasteful use of one of Wanda’s quotes from that movie. And Vision responds by quoting Kung Fu Panda – don’t laugh, Wanda; Master Oogway could give Yoda a run for his money in the wisdom department! Plus, he gets a cute scene of joining the lightsaber training with Pietro and the younglings.

The Jedi Council scene is closest to meeting the criteria for the fourth and final type of love: agape, which refers to selflessness, charity, or unconditional love. Appropriate given the Jedi code about compassion for all. We get some seeds for future conflicts and after some more debate and introspection, they agree to stand united, help the Avengers, and even start to work toward a ceasefire with their sworn enemies. I loved this part, especially Saesee Tiin’s introspection and Yoda’s little speech about upholding their responsibility – no doubt he got that from Peter’s little motto. It’s a great way of showing that for all their flaws - and some are more flawed than others *coughWinducough* - the Jedi ultimately are just seeking to do the right thing. Not unlike the Avengers, actually.

And for a final big showing of eros, we have Peter taking Barriss out on a rather nice date – complete with some neat little worldbuilding about Coruscant’s biodomes, the rarity of Earth food in the galaxy, and Barriss enjoying music – before the two finally kiss and drop the big L-word. Well, that’s certainly one way to cheer up a depressed Mirilian.

And then, of course, Ahsoka is brought in so she can also drop some kisses and the L-word, and the Padawan trio fully settles into the idea of a threesome. I’m admittedly not a huge fan of multi-pairings – it’s not a type of relationship I personally would engage in, AND most of the ones I’ve read in fanfiction strike me as nothing more than blatant wish fulfillment – but I think this one works for what is because it’s an actual three-way relationship that was built up over time instead of, say, just introducing it as a quick fix to a love triangle. I’ll give it a shot because of that and because I do like the dynamic of this trio. It’ll be interesting to see how you handle it now that they’re all “together, together.” To say nothing of how each of the three characters’ individual journeys will go, and how the rest of the world will react…

But I digress. We’ve got one more scene to talk about! Not only has Maul reunited with Savage – which will hopefully be shown in a later arc – but he’s apparently acting as a messenger and ambassador recruiting the Umbarans and Zygerrians for another villainous faction! Based on the hints you dropped, I’m gonna say the ones he’s warning them about that hate technology are the Yuuzhan Vong; and the “master” he (and presumably the Vong) serve, who is looking for something to change the universe, is none other than Thanos! If that’s true, then boy, is that one heck of a villainous team-up for what will unquestionably be this story’s endgame! Or should that be Endgame, lol.

Wait, is Maul trying to court Queen Miraj? Guess that fits the chapter’s focus on love, but… Eww! Did not need that image! Where’s the brain bleach?!

Needless to say that a LOT happened in this chapter. In the midst of these dark times with more looming on the horizon, it’s appropriate we got a quieter chapter to focus on the bonds between all our various heroes – and them deciding what they’re all truly fighting for. But I’ve said more than enough, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted right now; so I’ll leave it here. See you in the next chapter, where we finally catch up with our favorite band of a-holes! May the Force be with you!
1/28 c3 Dalriaden
I'd like to know how Scott is getting more time than decent characters.
1/28 c85 Blueknight
Also I can’t wait to see how the Symbiote starts affecting Spidey, General Krell, And everything from season 4.
1/28 c85 Blueknight
Solid chapter, though I still think it’s majorly out of character for Peter to have two girls, But otherwise I enjoyed.
1/27 c85 Guest
Other people may have thought about Elton John's Can you feel the love tonight but for me Cap, Aayla, Peter, Bariss, and Ashoka have entered The Game of Love By Santana and Michelle Branch.
1/27 c83 ALEK 90s
freemanwriter, do chapter with DOUBLE DATE ( Steve x Aayla and Bucky x Celeste ) in the future
1/27 c1 ALEK 90s
"I want to spend my lifetime loving you" by Tina Arena starts...
1/26 c85 Guest
Somebody PLZ play “Can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John
1/26 c85 16ULTRA SONIC
First things first on chapter 84…

Looks like Parker is getting the hang of the suit. Though I’m glad he’s taking care to notice if the suit starts acting weird. The fact that it hates extreme noise should be something for Pete to bookmark. Hopefully things don’t go too crazy down the road.

And Thor gets to catch up with friends new and old.

As much as Wanda wants to keep the council from finding out about the Holocrons who wants to bet when they find out it won’t be on Wanda’s terms?

Sorry Yoda, but unless the hammer deems you worthy it won’t budge. Not even the Force can help you there.

Seriously Windu, chill out! Not everything with the word “dark” automatically means the Dark Side of the Force.

So the Jedi Council know of the Infinity Stones via Vision, huh? Looking at their musings let’s just hope someone with mal intent doesn’t try to get said stones. *cough*

Along with plans to mass-produce Spidey’s web-grenades it looks like there’s a new recruit to the 501st-Deliah Blue(!) Looks like in this AU she was born many millennia earlier, and just in time to help spice things up, especially with a certain GAR Captain!

And the boys are definitely being Rex’s hype men for sure! It is too good!

So Sidious finally got off his high horse and calls for a ceasefire? Well, stranger things have happened!

“I am not a fool…but the mistrust and hatred between certain groups within the two that would despise each other even after a ceasefire would come about. The Separatist Council alone can be enough to find the war. Those greedy fools care not for their lives, other than the profit that can line their pockets.”

And yet if Ultron spills certain beans you could end up being yet another common foe for everyone in this galaxy Sidious. And if Thor is around when you get exposed, well…you’ll be in for the fight of your life.

Now for chapter 85, and wow!

Somebody play “Can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John because like another reviewer said, it’s not just in the air, it’s across the stars, and those stars have ignited!

Anakin and Ahsoka acting every bit the older brother/younger sister duo is always a treat, but now after Mortis that bond has grown stronger.

That part about Obi being more looser-okay, that’s intriguing…

Nice nod to Tales with that training scene Ahsoka had. It may not be chipped Clones Ahsoka has to worry about this time, but still something that’ll come in handy.

Anakin hearing that breathing though-I hope there’s a way to get rid of that specter of Vader somehow.

On a lighter note, Anakin meeting Deliah Blue was pretty hilarious. Hopefully he becomes a true wingman for Rex once he sees the latter’s chemistry with Blue.

And now, finally…the moment of truth for Aayla and Steve!

From Aayla trying the same meditation but with no success, to her mentors encouraging her with the best advice out there, to Aayla meeting Steve…you could definitely feel that this could be it, and it truly was!

(When Aayla mumbled Steve I almost thought she had been watching the Muppets, namely Swedish Chef.)

The moments leading up to it helped too. And as soon as Aayla met up with Steve and they went somewhere private to talk I was getting a feeling that, “Okay, this is it, this is it.” And it was almost torture, because you could feel that this was something new for the both of them and for various reasons. That line, “The dam broke.” is an understatement. And like another reviewer had noted-there is weight behind the choice that Aayla and Steve make in that moment-knowing that there is no going back after this, and that Aayla could get expelled, but at the same token, could they deny this? Could Steve deny himself a second chance at something like this again? Could Aayla finally take a page from her teacher’s books and do what the Jedi Council stressed never to do?

But as Aayla has realized about Rogers-he is not like any other man she has ever met. And as Zemo said best, “There has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?”

And that’s what sets the Captain from Brooklyn apart from everyone else. Because for all his skills in tactics and combat, at Steve Rogers’ core is a good man who will do what is right in his heart. Vos’s comment about how women in the galaxy probably have Steve as the object of their fantasies wouldn’t surprise me.

Aayla, as a certain Zorro character said best, “The only sin would be to deny what your heart truly feels.”

And the rest of that scene is history. Because the dam doesn’t just break, it shatters. And no Aayla, this isn’t lust. It’s something stronger. Plus on a lighter note Steve doesn’t know how to dance-something you could teach him.

Steve, I hope you give love a chance. You may have missed out on it the first time around, but I say it’ll be different this time. To hold on to Peggy still is not honoring her memory. Live your life as she would’ve wanted. Plus, who’s to say that in a sense Peggy sent Aayla to you?

Hopefully Rogers takes this chance with both hands and doesn’t do it half-heartedly. Even our skinny kid from Brooklyn deserves a win.

Thank you guys for making this moment happen between these two characters. It was worth waiting for.

(Nat is so going to be teasing Steve about this. Plus I can imagine Nat asking Aayla if the latter needs any tips on seduction.)

Finally our heroes get another upgrade, and this time with Vibranium! The timing could not have been better.

Don’t worry Shuri, your brother will come back, and some new friends from the GFFA will be coming along for the ride.

I wonder if there’s a way to upgrade Peter’s suit with the Vibranium so it looks more ”advanced”…

Rhodey’s suit will definitely be better once it gets the Vibranium applied to it!

Don’t worry Scott. I think you’ll be more than able to do things right this time with yours and Hope’s kid. Plus Cassie will definitely be the ultimate big sister for sure!

And speaking of T’Challa’s new friends-looks like the Trandoshans are back for more in terms of capturing Wookies. And I’m pretty sure this time they’ve prepared in case a certain Panther decides to get in their way again.

Not that it’ll matter because unless they have Vibranium weapons, T’Challa will make leather belts out of them. You kidnap T’Challa’s clan mates, pray for your life.

And just the banter between Matt and T’Challa is nothing short of amazing. You guys were able to take Spidey, Daredevil and Black Panther, put them together and make their dynamic so earnest and real that I’m surprised we don’t get stories of these three teaming up in the comics. Because scenes like this show how they’ve developed and you the reader know they have each other’s backs without hesitation. And like I said for the Mandalorian summit-I can feel the actors in this scene.

Pietro learning how to use the lightsaber was cool, along with Wanda and Vision watching. I’m surprised that the Order allowed Pietro to keep it but obviously they stressed to him not to lose it. I like that because it shows that while Pietro may be carefree, he can be serious when he needs to be.

Best if Wanda keeps that lightsaber of hers concealed for a while longer. As much as I hope the Council doesn’t find out until just the right time, I think we can all guess that it won’t be in an ideal moment.

Seeing Wanda and Vision interact with each other shows why they fit so well-they balance each other out perfectly. Which makes Vision getting all nervous in joining the lesson hilarious because it shows that for all of Vision’s skills, he is truly gaining a humanity that makes him more than just a “super-bot”. But if anyone among the Avengers can master all the lightsaber forms well, it’s Vision.

Looks like the Council have been hearing rumblings of some things going on Korriban. Given what we know from a few chapters back, the stakes are only getting ever more higher.

But leave it to Yoda to not just cool things down, but also bringing up something Peter said about responsibility.

The Avengers are definitely beginning to influence some well-known Council members in a good way. Of course, will other ones like Windu and Oppo follow, or will they double down and stay the course?

Ovair looking into the Infinity Gates is not a good idea for the Council to do. If they only knew who he was really working for…

Peter finally going on a date with Barriss was just amazing-pun intended. Plus Barriss needed to decompress given everything. Adding in that Offee likes music only makes the whole thing more special.

And finally Barriss and Peter kiss! Interesting how Aayla and Offee are being pretty bold. I like it!

Tony is definitely going to give Peter a thumbs-up for this!

And on a more serious note we see Maul and Savage meeting Miraj and company. Okay…to quote Bender from Futurama, “Well, we’re boned!”

Maul being in cahoots with the Vong but also Thanos? Our heroes from both galaxies have their work cut out for them. But that’s what makes this chapter great as well as the whole story-the greater the stakes, the greater the heroes.

Great job with both chapters you guys! Thank you that some of our most anticipated ships have set sail, and now we’re going to catch up with our other space misfits! See you then!
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