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11h c116 guest
Please update.
5/26 c1 Guest
make the clone assassin programme happen, i wanted to see they toe to toe with avengers
5/25 c116 44CLBONE13
A. Okay, it's REALLY Sweet that Cham and Thrawn are BONDING over the book that Wanda GAVE THRAWN. ESPECIALLY since it's CLEARLY very rare for Thrawn to TALK to ANYONE on his level.
B. That said Cham is PROBABLY right that MAYBE War SHOULDN'T something considered "Artful."
C. But Thrawn ALSO has a point that Sun Tzu makes a VERY good point that one has to think a couple steps AHEAD for War to REALLY be SUCCESSFUL in it. It's a WEIRD argument to say the least, but it's DEFINITELY worth thinking about.
D. Rahm Kota, okay that's one of the Jedi who REALLY doesn't trust the Clones and is...KIND OF AN ASSHOLE ABOUT IT! But then they ALL are. The Jedi that dislike Clones, I mean.
E. That said it's AWESOME that the 71st are LEADING THE CHARGE towards conscript training.
F. Yeah, Robbie SHOULD bring Gabe there. And his relationship with Fawx is ADORABLE!
G. So, the two moons of Tython are named after the Son and the Daugther...INTERESTING.
H. Okay, what THE FUCK did Anya Kuro do? Is Aurra Sing involved? SOMEHOW?!
I. And what THE FUCK was Zarathos sensing? Abeloth? THANOS?
J. Okay, Yoda's plans to reform the Jedi Order so far are BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME! I FULLY ENDORSE THEM, but Windu is right to be skeptical because other Jedi might not be as open to it. And it's ADORABLE that PETER PARKER of all people is the one who essentially INSPIRED Yoda's new plans.
K. Okay, who THE FUCK is that and WHAT THE FUCK is he planning?
5/22 c116 Guest
You know what I would like to see for the next chapter? Watching the Avengers bring their Star Wars friends/lovers to Earth and show them around, including Peter with Ahsoka and Barriss meeting his school friends, Steve with Aayla going on a date, Tony with Anakin hanging out and leaning about Earth’s pop culture and technology, Padme meeting Pepper Potts and trading quips about their husbands, and maybe Natasha introducing Mara Jade to her family.
5/21 c116 18ULTRA ARCADER
Definitely a lot of worldbuilding here, and I like it!

First we get to see Thrawn read the book by Sun Tzu, and trading ideas with Cham. Definitely setting up something down the road.

(I still wonder what books/movies from Earth Cham might like…)

Meanwhile with Reyes it’s nice to see him with his bird companion along with the talk he has with Tholme, T’Ra and An’ya.

With Zarathos being able to detect Kuro’s guilt and self-loathing along with detecting something else on the horizon is only adding more to what the Sinister Sith are going to do.

Cutting back to Yoda and Windu we can definitely see how both Jedi Masters have been dealing with the changes that have been happening since the Avengers got displaced in the GFFA. While Yoda is becoming more open-minded, Windu is being the opposite. Despite with what they discovered on Tython Windu seems more comfortable with sticking to traditions as he knows them which is definitely a character trait/flaw of his. When it comes to the familiar Windu is okay, but when it comes to people or things that he doesn’t understand he gets weary if not paranoid (like with Anakin). And the sad part is that he doesn’t think he’s being out of line or in the wrong about anything.

I just hope Mace tries to be open-minded because if he still doubles down then Windu being an integral part of the Civil War arc won’t surprise me.

The end scene…now I have no idea who it could be, but if I was to make a guess, I think it could be Luke. But it could also be Revan.

Either way, these upcoming story arcs are going to be something else.

Enjoy your trip, and as always, take your time with the chapters.

PS: The fanart is amazing! Barriss and Ahsoka are truly coming into their own!
5/20 c116 Guest
I just wish the Hulk would come back. Then the Avengers would finally be complete.
With the Sith making a return, things will shake the galaxy and perhaps beyond as well! Sidious will have to change his plans if he wants to be the one Sith to rule all
Almost caught up! It’s been so awesome! The season 4 looks cool! And finally the Windu and fury core parts meet... the universe hasn’t collapsed. At least I hope not, maybe been delayed. Ultron is at least defeated, but so far haven’t fully confirmed.

Palpatine not taking the event so well, and what he thought things co get worse... we’ll let’s hope there’s no galactic in this reality cause that would have pushed his luck. and feel bad the kaminoans are without a home, maybe one day Kamino wo be terraformed and reclaim it with some help.

Wonder if the ire and scrubs will be introduced as fury mentioned them, maybe if there be a time travel we see some future characters, especially seeing the skywalker twins, quicksilver’s kid and a grown up Mara jade as a Jedi and shield agent like her mom. Even perhaps Tony’s daughter
5/20 c116 8CCSakuraforever
Está muy bueno el capítulo como le va a todos con el comienzo para prepararse para los nuevos malos más que sucede con los maestros Jedi más que esta sucediendo con los Sith que están planeando ellos con eso
5/19 c13 2Weatherman21
Apologies, but I must ask, has this story covered a counterpart to the Umbara arc yet? I do know that the Avengers have fought to increase the rights and acknowledgment of the Clone Troopers, so an arc that specifically delves into that subject would be very interesting to explore.
5/19 c116 DaftMerc39
Great chapter.

Glad Yoda heard the words from Peter Parker and understand "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."

Wonder Peter will show Star Wars characters and also RWBY characters in Avengers: Age of Remnant of TCG like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight Vanguard, etc... I bet if Anakin has a deck that resembled space theme deck like Galaxy-Eyes Deck or Kozmo Deck to try it out or Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck. And Ruby would be into Machine Deck. Last time there's a video called "Star Lord vs Darth Vader in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Tournament" by Rhazelx.

Bet if few characters Star Wars and RWBY watch Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 Movie of Red Eyes Black Dragon 1999 like Blue Eyes brings Victory but Red Eyes not bring victory, only potential with the courage to fight.
5/18 c116 mkyalvarez62
Is everyone having problems getting notifications from the fanfics we read or is it just me?
5/18 c116 3Agusfedredhunter
I would love to see how they react to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Godzilla, Harry Potter, Warhammer 40K, among others.
5/17 c9 5Darth Necron
So now its the " twins" turn to join the party, a pity its not the Quicksliver from Days of Future Past, and I do wonder if Darth Sidious is going to get Wanda to say" No More jedi" one day...when she reach's the level she did in Multiverse of Madness it could get nasty since we seen Sidious is a far better schemer then Ultron...oy.
Well, Pietro made a good impression so far so, we will see what happens from here.

Also, I wonder if you seen X-men 97 and if the X-men will ever get in on this, guess I have ways to go to find out lol, one day.
5/17 c116 Renato Chacin
Someone wonders what the interactions between Asajj Ventress and Nebula would be like
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