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for Car Rides with Rwby Characters!

2/23 c8 4Rosewynn
Team CFVY is great xDD I love these!
3/19/2018 c10 4MageTGM
Ima thinkin STRQ with Yang and Ruby as babies sitting on their mothers laps.
6/13/2017 c10 shiftfiredragon
thooought. Yang, worried about a sick roob, pulls over. Ruby stumbles out, and Yang gets out to check on her. FWOOSH, Yang is suddenly in Ruby's former seat, and Ruby is in the driver's seat. Yang begins to freak, not knowing that Qrow taught her how to drive, Weiss and Blake begin to freak out...Aaaand Ruby smoothly gets on the road and drives at a decent pace. Everyone calms down, Yang is amazed, and Ruby is giggling.
1/26/2017 c5 ZappyZappy
This is great, very funny, good job. I enjoy it...another fun prompt would be a villain road trip, with torchwick driving, neo possibly in a car seat, and mercury riding in the trunk, nonchalantly
1/15/2017 c10 32RocknRollZombie
Summer and Qrow. Since qrow did tell summer he would teach her. :) I just love them together
12/18/2016 c3 Lazy Disappointment
Hope they have enough gas.
12/18/2016 c1 Lazy Disappointment
Kurasabe like that part where the two interacted the guys only to get his head blow off.
12/14/2016 c10 5Kurasabe
... Is it just me or would Mercury and Emerald be perfect for something like the car scene in pulp fiction. The one with Marvin in it I mean :D
12/14/2016 c10 Guest
Next one with yang and qrow, oh or raven for mother an daughter time, or hey why not the twins?
12/14/2016 c9 TheFallenDemigod
Wouldn't Neo be in disguise if she was at beacon? :/ still keep up the great work xP
12/14/2016 c10 TheFallenDemigod
Here lies
Lie Ren
Cause of Death:
Car Crash
12/10/2016 c3 2KuletXCore
You really delivered the Ride Along.
Okay... Hmm..

How about Ozpin and Glynda going to Beacon for classes?
12/10/2016 c8 1Boriva
Make it better by playing Express Yourself by Diplo.
12/10/2016 c8 Kamencolin
Jaune and ren
12/9/2016 c7 1Allycat826
Lol my family call it the oh shit handle so I found that so funny
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