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4/10/2017 c1 2fhl1234
OMG I can't believe that she didn't survive the surgery! Did the infant live? And if so, what will Luka call their baby? I'm sure it must be overwhelming for him to face both the loss of his wife and the birth of a child.
12/6/2016 c1 13NaomiP
I see that English is not your first language, so I will not comment on the language use. (Which is quite good for someone who doesn't speak English as a first language. )

But the story - needs more. What you have here is 99% exactly what we saw on the screen. (But rather than taking 2 full episodes, you cover it in under 800 words.) While the ending is different, (baby's sex; Abby's fate) you cover those differences in about 2 sentences. Give us more. Give us something we DIDN'T see on the screen. Get more into their heads. Show us how Abby is reacting. How Luka reacts when he gets to Abby's side, and then at the end. (Perhaps the language problem keeps you from giving the scenes the emotional impact that they need?)

(It is also very unlikely that a baby born as early as Abby's would be automatically assumed to be healthy. And 'the surgeon' has a name. Dr. Coburn was seen often on the series. She was not some random surgeon. And Abby was NEVER called "Abigail." When Sam called her that it the episode, it was the signal to the staff that something was WRONG.)

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