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8/31/2018 c1 DXV9G
3/16/2017 c33 3Bloodylilcorpse
~claps~ This was a wonderful alternative ending! I really loved it! It was nice to see Rebecca's version of it! Very nicely done! ;)
3/15/2017 c33 ninth-jupiter
It's great how Rebecca had a chance at winning though Lissa's chapter made how Lisa and Chris finally end up together make more sense. Though this chapter was still sweet.
3/15/2017 c33 24Ghostwriter434
I'm glad that you finally gave Rebecca her own ending. Thank you!
3/15/2017 c33 17Seven Alice
That was great! Even tough I enjoyed a lot Lisa's victory, I can't help but fall in love with Rebecca's ending. She and Gran are one of my most beloved couples, they are so sweet! And Chris and Lisa, too! Way to go Lisa ;)

I always knew the Fedore was going to bring the victory for her! Seeing what happened reminds me all those jokes about Rebecca not wanting to let go of her hat XD hands away from the hat!

Amazing alternate ending!
3/15/2017 c33 11Aleister Bloodrive VII
I actually was waiting for this xD

ToT so many precious memories of the first season! I feel very nostalgic reading Gran again!

Meanwhile in some place of this alternate timeline...

Alternate Friedrich: Ha! I told you Sis! Rebecca is the winner!

Alternate Friederike: Poo... ok you win this bet, what now?

A. Friedrich: Are you up for a challenge?

A. Friederike: I always am.

: I challenge you to win the next season!

A. Friederike: I am not even 18 years old.

A. Friedrich: *Cof* Chicken! *cof*

: Fine! I will just made some false documents and put 18 as my age!

: that's the spirit sis!

And so Friedrich's sister was the one who enters the second season instead of him...
2/6/2017 c32 1LillyShepard
Round of applause for Hideki Sohma and the great story that is Total Drama Redux! I just wanna say, man this was a wild ride. But, a fun one and those epilouges are so good! As for favorite moments, well, off the top of my head.

Lisas boncy bouncy, Slick elimination, Valerie elimination, lisa giving half her money to Rebbeca and Ariel fighting Ivan. I'm sure theres more, but we'd be here all day. :p

As for a second season, i know i want to be a part of that! Either Alexa returning or a whole new character to submit. As for season 2, do you think you'll do an aftermath like TDA did?

P.S. No villian in season 2 should be fine. I don't think TDA had one either..Unless you count Courtney being a bit of jerk though? Well, see ye later and take care of yourself!
2/6/2017 c32 24IndianaGamerGirl1201
I am crying right now. I'm sad this season is over, but hey it was really good! Congrats on finishing it! Speaking of which I should get mine back out XD

My favorite parts were with Gran and Rebecca, Koh and Horus, and of course, Nate. He said he was a vampire! That was hilarious! I laughed so hard! Well it makes sense cause he's allergic to garlic!

Wait- Lisa's helping host season 2?! What a surprise! You keep catching me off guard and I like it!

I hope Nate's in season 2, and I'll promise to keep readings end if he isn't! Also, please save me a spot for next season!

The original elimination order tho... I was so surprised! Wow! Even though my oc didn't get a lot of time, it all makes up for Nate telling the girls he's a vampire. Ex-campers, run for your lives, Nate's coming to suck your blood!

I'll make sure to contribute to TDA and its alright if you're hesitant, you are an amazing author and I know you can find some awesome story lines!

I'll tune in to season 2, and reread this fanfic.
Nate's creator (GirlPower54), signing off, waiting for season 2!
2/6/2017 c32 wolfpup2479
Omg what a great way to end the series! I really loved and enjoyed it so much! Your an amazing writer and glad to have read this great story of yours! Every character was a blast to have and read and learn more about! And I'm glad everyone a happy ending! It makes me so happy to see that! Rebecca is getting her agency! And with Gran for the ride too! I love it! And interesting take on Koh and Horus basically riding off into the sunset on her motorcycle! XD

And it was interesting to see how much you changed it from the original! I was surprised to see that my oc would have been the potential winner of the game but I can see why it was changed with Lisa and Danielle being a tad bit to similar! Either way! Fourth place wasn't so bad! And I would like to see you use Danielle in a future season if you'd like! I would also like to make a new oc if needed! But anyhow! This was a great read and I loved every part of it!

All the ships man! My favorites were Chris and Lisa and Rebecca and Gran 3 both were just a ball to read on! I can't wait for more future stories you might create! Don't hesitate on asking for another OC or having to use Danielle again for another season! Again it was a great read and I can't wait for more!
2/6/2017 c32 The Cursed Gentleman
I am Choking in my sobs right now :D, well this was an great story overall, now i am just waiting for next season, if you could save a spot for me, and bring Cody and Dawn, they look great together.
2/6/2017 c32 3Bloodylilcorpse
I really liked how everyone's character got a sweet ending. From trying to picture Slick and his warden dressed in leotards was just epic, it made me giggle out loud to Koh and Horus riding off into the sunset on Koh's bike was just awesome! I especially love how Lisa was cool enough to split her winnings with Rebecca, so her and Gran could open up a business together. That kiss between Chris and Lisa too was pretty freakin' sweet! I love Gerdie's little shout there, that was funny! I actually laughed, (and believe it or not, I did love that scene where she made that confessional "Bow-chika-bow-wow!"), that was great. I...just didn't want to gush too much over Gerdie's attitude and spunkiness, because there were so many other characters at the time that had also said and done some pretty amazing stuff too. I truly did enjoy the humor and interaction among everyone's characters, they sure were a blast and so much fun to watch cut loose and be silly.

Picking a favorite moment is kind of hard. There were a lot I liked. One of my favorites was Valerie and Gerdie's first fight I think where Valerie made fun of Gerdie's chest size, and made the imitation of a cat! lol That was great! I loved it. Chris and Gerdie's interactions were always the best too.

I particularly always loved Koh and Horus's relationship. They were a fun couple to watch, however Rebecca and Gran were my favorite one by far. They were dynamic duo of funny I truly enjoyed watching unfold.

Another favorite was where the paintball one where Lisa never got a hit on her and she was practically frolicking around like a bunny! That 'Bouncy! Bouncy!' scene was the best!

And Chris covering all of the dodge balls in poison ivy was great! Evil, but great. A very bold and sneaky move on his end! :D
2/6/2017 c32 24Ghostwriter434
This is a lovely way to end things. Liked how Rebecca was able to get her detective agency in the end and Gran is with her. I also like how and where everyone turned out in the end. If you do a season 2 and neef an Oc other than Rebecca let me know and I can create one for; you can also reuse Rebecca but don't make her compete since she wouldn't do that
2/6/2017 c32 17Seven Alice
It was so beautiful, a perfect ending. I am really happy with how things turned out to be. Congratulations for making this five an incredible SYOC history that everyone could enjoy, thank you for allowing us to participate in this great story. And now, time to send an OC for the sequel!
2/6/2017 c32 11Aleister Bloodrive VII
Now I'm crying!
I really loved Redux!
but is not time for crying, is it?

Save me a spot for the next season please!
Save one to mi3ru as well if you can.
2/5/2017 c32 smilingagged
Despite how little time my character got, I still loved reading this. Even if he isn't selected for the next season, I'll still be reading, so you know you've done well.
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