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for Telling Him

2/22/2004 c4 athenakitty
Severus still hasn't decided on whether to tell Harry? Draco's being exteremly nosey? Adam? Michael? Bartholmew?
2/22/2004 c6 athenakitty
Insigna is helping Harry cope with what have happen? Is Narcissa going to introduce Draco to his sister? Will Harry get taken away from the Dursleys? Sirius lives in your story? Snape does something permenant to Vernon?
2/22/2004 c1 athenakitty
Harry doesn't know who's meeting with Petunia? Will the abusive Dursleys get their punishment? Severus get a delayed letter from the dead?
2/20/2004 c5 athenakitty
Harry's surprise that Petunia wrote to him? Severus is worried about a few things? What about "Learning as we go?" for a title?
2/17/2004 c3 athenakitty
Narcissa is a bit worried? Remus got a bright idea?
2/17/2004 c2 athenakitty
Severus's happy at the news? Finds out that his son is the one that he tormented? Harry's in pain? Will the Dursley get their just punishment? Especially Vernon? Harry love the trunk?
2/16/2004 c4 2Riddleness
cool story :) oh and for names: i like xavier (wait do u pronounce it exavier or zavier?), and zachary is cool but it's better to have something original :) am waiting for update...
11/8/2003 c3 2peacockgal17
I don't have any ideas for Harry's real name, although I think it would be nice to simply have his first name stay Harry. That way, it will seem to put Ron and Hermione a bit more at ease, even if he is not really a Potter. So continue! I really like this story! PLEASE!
11/6/2003 c3 2MissZonko
Love the story! also you didn't have an email adress for me to respond to but feel free to include anything you thought of already. I wouldn't want you to get worried that I'd report you or anything, after all, they were your ideas as well! :) Anyways keep writing I'd luv to see some more!

Miss Zonko
8/3/2003 c3 74Iniysa
Please up-date you great story. :)


5/1/2003 c3 2Charma1219
Good chapter, though I would like to see the next part of it! Update soon!
4/30/2003 c3 8protest.riot
hey good partial chap! i got the dude's name wrong it's not septimus(this one is the correct spelling i checked) severus, it is *dun dun dun* Lucius Severus Septimus Pertinax, know mainly as Severus Septimus, he was roman emperor from 193 until 211 and established a military monarchy. he also managed to take over a lot of Europe! he died of old age with his army peoples out trying to take over britian i beleive. he a very successful ruler and his heirs did a good job mantaining his style, i know all this because my mom installed thee britanica interactive encyclopida(sp?) on our comuputer and i got REALLY bored. i thought that this guy fit servus's personality a bit. and i thought it would be kinda cool to name harry that! ok well now that i have told you this guys like life story, ciao!
4/27/2003 c2 protest.riot
hey, i think that harry being related to Draco was a good twist! also i think you should name him something weird like Septamis, that would be funny. plus that was the name of a roman emperor dude forever and a day ago (septamis severus)
3/28/2003 c2 2Charma1219
Great start! Keep going!
3/19/2003 c2 6Jezaray
wow. I like very much! Continue (i review more) i like it a lot... then again... i like sev challenges...hehe... very promising i can't wait for the next chapter!
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