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for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Journey into the Unknown

11/23/2020 c27 5tamerlan110
Well, perhaps this is one of the best New Year gifts for me. It was a great story, thank you so much for creating it, dear author!
11/20/2020 c27 2TheLyricalDarkMage
I am more than happy to help! your story is amazing and I am looking forward to the next Arc.
6/5/2020 c26 Katy
Maravilloso los cap 25y 26 ak igual que todos los demás
Espero que puedas actualizar el capítulo final y espero que hagas un eplogo seguiré esperando
5/19/2020 c26 5tamerlan110
I realy want to see the epilogue, its a great story, and it must be finished!
3/6/2020 c1 Blaze2121
I enjoy this binged the whole thing after having watched the series so this story 100% be a part of cannon if anything it a giant what if side note am I the only one imagining Vivio calling him papa adorable just me ha next chapter will be the climax and fate seems to be getting more interested in him nice.
1/12/2020 c25 tamerlan110
Oh yeas! That's a very good story and we all want see it's geat final!
1/7/2020 c24 Ohma Revive
“And yeah, they never fully bring Hibiki's mom in the picture just her shithead father...Pretty lame.”

You must know all about lame since this story, the one you wrote, is very lame~! LOL

From one of your superiors,

Ohma Revive (of SpaceBattles)
5/26/2019 c22 3Zoarak13
It's alright but in your chapters, you should take out some adverbs since it would make your sentences stronger and less annoying to deal with.
2/19/2019 c23 Dracus6
hey there EmeraldMage anime series do you my hero academia if you do do message Gravenimage to watch the first three episodes of My Hero Academia on Hulu and Crunchyroll
9/2/2018 c1 1bCXr
Veri n1c3pQtst0riBl
7/17/2018 c21 Lyrical Dark Mage
great as always, keep it up!
7/10/2018 c21 5tamerlan110
ООО ДАА! YEEEAAAAH!(With voise of Heavy from TF-2)...(Singing the best songs of Powerwolf)
3/8/2018 c20 Lyrical Dark Mage
Chrono! yes, the ice mage is back everyone! Ixia destroys Shiro's device now that was unexpected. Shiro can't fight anymore like this, what will he do? can't wait for chapter 21!
3/8/2018 c19 Lyrical Dark Mage
you know what Yuuno should join the group in their university lives and experience EXAMS but when you're Yuuno you probably just need to listen to the info once and add it into your brain if it's new, I can literally imagine Yuuno getting dull marks in everything and everyone glaring at him including random classmates XD
3/8/2018 c18 Lyrical Dark Mage
well, apparently shiro wasn't the only one with a secret, good to know, good to know. It seems things have been going easily for Nanoha and the group so far but something big is gonna happen soon I just know it.
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