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for Cold and Distant Stars

11/13/2017 c1 5Hibbidyhai
This is a pretty creative crossover. You blend the two universes well, telling them in visions and hallucinations. One downside is that after an extended period of time, when the main character is really hazy, the story does get a little hard to follow. The writing is good though, this quibble it is sort of an extension of the theme. When we are moving from scene to scene and jumping a little bit, even without the dreams its a little ethereal, and with Poe/Jake jumping between realities, its a lot of moving parts, so that is something to be careful of.
It's a really cool concept and overall you pulled it off really well. I think you portrayed the characters very true to the onscreen versions of them. Great work.
7/10/2017 c1 Deletethisaccountassoonaspossi
Okay, so, I don't usually read crossovers, but this one was really good!
I quite like the descriptions, they're flowing, and they definitely brought me into the world where both Kaiju and the Force are real. The narrative is convincing, and I definitely liked how you handled the Jake vs Finn part of the story. Instead of making the crossover feel forced, you played in with the PTSD, and gave Finn a reason to have an aversion to it.
Next, your writing style is excellent. One shots usually aren't as long as this, but you managed to make the story keep going, and feel a lot shorter than it is. Which is a good thing, as you don't make readers lose interest.
Anyways, I also love the last sentence. It's a fantastic way to end the story, and gives a hint of otherness to the dreams, and the story as a whole. I loved the "It's just a dream, right?" Because it's clearly not a dream, but Finn wants it to be.
Plainly, while I may not like crossovers, I loved this one, so good job!
1/6/2017 c1 2Shien the Sea Doggo
So... Kinda got shocked pretty quickly by this story. The minute I heard the name "Pentacost" I lost my shit. I did NOT expect that, and it made me realize just how much Pacific Rim could fit into Star Wars. The simple idea that Finn could be the son of Stacker kinda blew my mind.
I could definitely buy it for sure, but there were a FEW minor problems with this.
Certainly not enough to detract from the overall story, but they are still there.
For example: you keep saying "dreamed" instead of "dream." dreamed is a past tense verb, while dream is a noun. (Not trying to be sarcastic.)
On top of that, there is just one question, Earth has yet to be discovered by the Star Was Universe. There are quite a few ways around this, and it makes me curious above everything else.
I just wish it was explained in a way to make this more plausible.

Other than actual content, it was wonderfully written and gave me a well-thought out introspection of Finn. I could believe that those were Finn's thoughts.
So, wonderful job. :)
12/21/2016 c1 2figbassist75
I love how we start off seeing the contrast of Finn’s thoughts in the First Order with his new experience in the Resistance. He was so bound up in the Empire’s successor with such rigid expectations that served to enslave rather than to empower. I love how you captured all of that in the first few sentences of the opening paragraph.

And then in the first segment, we transition into Finn’s dream that takes us into the crossover universe with seamless transitions, done in a manner that did not conflict with the overall flow of the story. This is a difficult technique to master in the realm of crossover fiction and I feel you have accomplished that well, my friend. Very well, indeed.

Moving on, we have another great character building scene between Finn and Poe, which is one of the most believable friendships to come out of The Force Awakens. I love how Poe, even though he outranks Finn, shows compassion for his new found friend. This is definitely something that would have never occurred within the clutches of the First Order. But we also see that Finn’s mind is elsewhere, especially concentrating on the dream he had the night before. Great work here in keeping us up to date with the growing friendship between the two of them.

The descriptions of the life in the First Order are unnerving but that is what that particular organization is known for. It’s heartless and unloving. Cold and relenting. It’s sad that aspect weighs so much on Finn’s mind but that is the only life he knew until he fled to the resistance. I love here how the crossover dream reminds him of the fact that even though it occurs in another realm, just like his life in the Resistance, he is somebody with a family and a purpose. Good job in this section!

Then we have another section that again shows us the welcoming atmosphere of the Resistance, the hellish confines of the First Order, all contrasting with the loving embrace of a family Finn never knew in a realm he was never a part of. Or was he? I really enjoy how we can cross between two universes so effortlessly in a manner that does not detract from the story at all. I’ve read many crossovers where the transitions were so misaligned that I was literally knocked around in trying to read them that I lost by my concentration and my interest. That is not the case at all here. Another example of a great job in writing this piece.

I love the introduction of General Organa and the brief description of the important mission ahead. Here Leia is portrayed in a spot on manner that shows her to be not only a well skilled tactician but also a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Then we have Finn’s dream get the best of him again, much to the shook of his comrades in the Resistance. Good portrayals and character introductions here.

Out of respect for you and your future readers, I’m going to end the review here to preserve the ending. Overall, I’m impressed in how you handled this crossover. It kept my interest as the transitions were some of the smoothest I have ever seen in a crossover fanfic. Keep up the great work, my friend!

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