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9/4/2022 c16 Avalon
As I have read this I felt like crying because of what Raven and her tribe did to Zero's home. That stupid philosophy of only the strong survive is crap to me. She is nothing but a coward who is queen of filth at liars and shit. Raven is not strong, she is the weakest person I have had the displeasure of ever knowing about.
She actions have turned an innocent soul who has been through so much, so much that it would have broken so many into hollow shells. Ravens actions have killed Mikhail and gave birth to a new Zero. Someone who is tortured to live for all eternity to keep the flower contained.

With memories of everyone who has died in Zero he will definitely know what Raven looks like. When he meets Yang you should have him go through a relapse of memories and punch yang in the face.

I'm now a fan of team rwby anymore because they all never thing of their actions ever causing trouble or death to anyone. The highway scene in the series pissed me off because you have to think about all the lifes lost or injured by this mistake and they don't suffer and consequences. Then it's their fault for driving Ironwood insane with the lack of trust and causing Ironwood to lose himself to his semblance. He has tried to do the right thing but team rwby fucked it up again.

If Zero and Ironwood meet in this story then I hope that they become good friends who know the pain of trying to do the right thing everyday day while constantly being attacked by their demons on all sides.

Thank you for this story
1/16/2022 c16 4PoofyOhio
Hmm, not terrible, grammar is ass, and the writing is a tad sparse, but it’s overall an alright read.
11/29/2019 c16 Blood-Stained Minazuki
8/15/2019 c16 PanKeRio
Shame this story is dead when it finally started
4/22/2019 c16 Guest
Chapter is too short looking forward for new chapter
2/9/2019 c16 nanayakiri
Thanks for the chapter! By the way ,do you plan to include the the lore from the new season or is this an AU?
2/9/2019 c16 Artyom-Dreizehn
why did you stop there! Though it's a good one, love the update and looking forward to see the next one! Thumbs up!
1/1/2019 c15 nanayakiri
Woohoo! You're back! Thanks for the chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. Are you going to include the new details from the new seasons? Hopefully Zero doesn't get dragged into Ozpin's or Salem's schemes.
12/8/2017 c14 NoXVZhuusox
Hope to see more of this story dude. :-)
7/21/2017 c14 Guest
Great story can't wait for Zero to meet Ruby and to see Riven reaction to what happen to her
6/6/2017 c14 Vampire king32
Can you start doing The Overlord of Blood and Bones again please !
4/15/2017 c14 Tejerina
now that i think about it... this is 13 years before 1st season of RWBY?
4/15/2017 c14 Guest
Why so manny whys? Anyhow keep going!
4/3/2017 c13 2ProcrastinationStrikes
Hoh~ Just when Kusanagi was peaceful... Well, Mikhail is going to get angry... and things will change, for better or worse... Only you know.

Best Wishes
3/31/2017 c12 Naruhina Deviluke
Wow i Love your story.

Only problem is the chapters are too short :( still going to Walt for next chapter lol. I hope a harem Cx
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