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for Home she carries

1/27/2018 c1 dg.sangita
I have read so many fics about "Baby" from Dean's POV but the way you have put it across from Sam's POV is amazing. Loved a whole lot of places in the fic and I am writing this review in my phone so sorry I can't quote the lines here. The relationship that these brothers have with the car is fascinating and you have portrayed it just like we all expected. Beautifully written.

I was shell shocked in season 10 episode 2 when Dean addresses Baby as just a car and I knew it at that moment that Dean needs to be cured. Just a car, how could he say something so blasphemous.

Enough of my rambling but I loved your fic..
12/9/2016 c1 7Happygoddess2003
loved it. hated amelia haha
12/8/2016 c1 202hollyhobbit101
I love this! We always hear about Dean's connection with Baby, but very rarely Sam's so it was really nice to see that here.
12/8/2016 c1 28celinenaville
Beautiful character study of Sam and Baby. I love that you didn't make John into a villain. He is real and layered. And indulges the boys in small ways now and then.

"...the lights blinks on and off like a wink, a soft promise.

Don't worry, I'll take care of him.

And she does."

This is beautiful.

And I also love how you wrapped up the story insinuating that Sam was most likely driving to his own destruction in a haze when he hit Riot.

Beautifully done.
12/8/2016 c1 Guest
I loved that it was from Sam's point of view and the whole idea of baby taking care of them.
12/8/2016 c1 justacrayon
Wow - great take on Sam's POV - and I love that Baby could be 'alive'! Thanks.

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