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for Law Number 27: Why and How it Existed

3/26/2017 c1 14RSBCS
You know, aside from some obvious reasons, I actually had been kinda curious about the whole 'turning to bubbles after revealing themselves' ruling. I mean, the same thing happens in Hans Christain Andersons "The Little Mermaid", but Mermaid Melody made it apply to any and all mermaids. And after reading this, it would make sense that that would be why that is.

Many legends and tales will tell of some kind of punishment being inflicted due to the evil humans would inflict. This was a pretty good way of showing that. Also, some legends and speculation I ran across speak of mermaids sinking ships, possibly taking their treasures in the process. So humans enslaving the mermaid race and taking their treasure isn't so far-fetched. It even sounds similar to the Holocaust, unfortunately. And that is not a comparison to be made lightly, ever. But it would make sense that along with the bad, there would be some good humans trying to protect the mermaids too. Too bad the evil won out, and would convince the Sea Goddess of the time to separate the two worlds.

All in all, I liked how you tackled that ruling about mermaids turning to bubbles. It's a nice idea for some background into why mermaids are so reclusive in the anime, and their prejudice against humans at times. Especially Hippo, whom I was surprised didn't try telling the mermaid princesses that this was why he would not tolerate their relationships with humans in the beginning. Definitely liked Gaito's reaction, as he once tried harming the surface world along with the sea. Interesting that you made the script legible only to mermaids, but it would make sense to tell the race that would fair better with the knowledge, and use it to better protect themselves.

Nice one-shot. Definitely enjoyable, and pretty well thought out.
12/14/2016 c1 Anime Lover
Oh Man. That really sucked. To be honest, I had a really it could have occurred due to some dispute but I never thought it was those greedy people who would go these far. Damn them -_-. Glad they got their heads chopped off.
12/14/2016 c1 Mermaid and Human Love Forever
That was really sad. I hate those greedy people who did this! They completely destroyed the love between Mermaids and Humans. I wish I was there to kill them! The history of law No.27 is definitely sad indeed. :(
12/13/2016 c1 Earnest Evans
Well Hanon's explanation broke my heart :(
12/12/2016 c1 Steven Club
:( :(. This brought me to tears.
12/12/2016 c1 Sonic and Shadow Fan Forever
WTF?! Damn those people!
12/11/2016 c1 Fear Game
Oh Crap! The history is dark indeed :O. But then otherwise, why would that law exist?
12/11/2016 c1 Mermaid Melody Fan Forever
Well. That was really scary the history part. It's really saddens me to see people doing this. And what even pains me to is that humans and mermaids got along well in the first place and everything got destroyed because of those selfish people :(. I WOULD HAVE KILLED THEM! I actually cried when I read the first half part of the one-shot. Well my mood got a bit happy when the predicted history of Law No.34 has been explained. I was shock like all the others about the law of getting turned into bubbles. Good job on writing that :).
12/10/2016 c1 Disney and Anime Fan Forever
Oh God! This is terrible :(. So sad for the mermaids :(. If Ariel and her father knows about this...
12/9/2016 c1 Lonely-Creative
Well, we finally have an explanation. :D
12/9/2016 c1 David Long
Oh No! :O. Why the people did this? :(.
12/8/2016 c1 5magic135
love the hanon scenes, hope for more in the future

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