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for Our Arranged Love Story Point 5

11/3/2021 c22 wolfgang04
Hello again, author-san!

This is wolfgang04, the one who left a review in your "A Chance at Your Heart" story. I'm done reading my third fic of yours. Reading this "Point 5" was like imagining the behind the scenes of your "Our Arranged Love Story." I just kept smiling and grinning throughout the entire chapters. I know I've already listed you as one of my fave authors here but I can proudly say that you are indeed my favorite LuNa fanfic author. My gosh, I just really love your stories. I am able to leave a review right now (just incognito, tho) since it's not yet 1 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still on my break from work right now but please know that I really love your works. Now, onto my next fic of yours! Ciao~ And stay safe always~
2/13/2021 c22 JaKuZi
This story was not was all too fast and too much lovey dovey (that my person has to say something like that...). I am thrilled to read a good LuNa story, but this was too much and sometimes, the chapters were too fast and I didn't even get the situations they were in. It would have been more exciting to see how they get used to suddenly being married to a stranger, to slowly get to love eachother and to have them more in their characters.
8/10/2017 c22 Guest
Love it!
4/29/2017 c22 11theREDCODE
wow this by far the best married couple fiction I ever read

I even re-read it multiple times

Sorry that I couldn't review each chapter

But I loved every word of it
4/17/2017 c22 1andonlyjack
Finally done. Good job on these short stories they were great. I hope you make some more sweet stories i will read them but alway remember to have fun while doing it.
3/9/2017 c21 Guest
Wooow... i really miss this fic. It's been long time since i last checked this fic hehe and sorry for late RnR.

Honestly i don't know what to say. I like it especially the scene at airport. can you made Luffy and Nami romance (i mean the genre) without making them out of character? It always felt so natural everytime i read your fic. And thank you for continuing this fic XD
2/26/2017 c21 1andonlyjack
Nice chapter been a month since your last update did something happen?
1/29/2017 c20 Guest
Hohoho... this chapter is... this kind of chapter is... that... i've been waiting for. Ah... their sweet time had to be interrupted by Bellmere, but aside from all of that i like overall chapter, i like how you made them still their character (IC), and for the most of all, i like the Luffy and Nami pairing the most hehee

Btw, when i read "Because you are dangerous man, Monkey D. Luffy." ¬ęThis, it remind me of bruno mars's song 24k magic haha

And i always wondering how did you know that i'm a girl?

1/25/2017 c20 1andonlyjack
Nice chapter.
1/13/2017 c19 Guest
The first part when Sabo came unannounced was really funny. Especially when he asked what did she have that i didn't? Boobs, isn't it? And Luffy got mad. That was so funny. XD
And the second part was really sweet. It made think 'aw'. I like this fic and chapter... so...

Oh... did you see one piece movie gold?
1/13/2017 c19 1andonlyjack
Glad to see you back updating.
1/2/2017 c18 Guest
Thank you for making this fic and the other fic, it light up the rest of my day.

I never get bored with this fic you know. It felt so natural and so real like ... i've really saw the whole scene in canon. The way you made them interact romantically felt so natural, so IC. It always made me smile while reading it.

I really love it. It's true. Like this chapter or the previous chapter or the other chapter. I really like it.

So, keep it up!
12/31/2016 c16 Guest
I'm speechless.
This chapter stole my words away... it's not a bad thing but because it really good and sweet hehe

12/28/2016 c1 Guest
It's Great that you're expanding this great story even further.
12/27/2016 c15 Guest
Hoo... i really really love this chapter. Not that the other bad but this chapter is so far the best of all hehhehe just my honest opinion.
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