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for A Toast of Things to Come

12/21/2016 c1 Guest
Please write another chapter! I can't wait to see their conversation about how that happened between them last several months.

Seems that the writers of the fifth season decided to give up this thing
12/12/2016 c1 8sunnyyellowhouse
I enjoyed this. It's a realistic conversation amongst the three of them and also just between Will and Avery. It is unbelievable how they never spoke of Layla in the show, but then the writers were way more concerned with drama than the reality of these relationships. It's very easy to believe that Avery would be fearful of trying again with Juliette, even though he might want to. Only thing I disagree with is him caring at all about Layla. LOL. But I may be a bit biased about her.
12/11/2016 c1 Omg
Love it
Please update soon

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