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6/22/2020 c1 12excessivelyperky
Nice bit of worldbuilding!
12/13/2016 c1 hwyla
I can only guess that the mention of "Girl Genius" implies certain similarities to sentience of 'The Castle'. And perhaps to the idea that the Castle itself might try to kill one (presumably with those demons). I must say that it seems wholly original and I would not have placed a likeness otherwise, if you had not mentioned it. In other words, this feels wholly original and not as if you had any other work in the back of your mind.

It does bring to mind the gorgeous, poetic feel of Vault21C. Your wording is elegant. Even the 'Ticks' have that feel, since they lend a mechanical countdown feel. I especially like the way you used them to break up the thoughts. And it is ambiguous as to whether the castle is doing the countdown or Lady Speladrin. I feel it changes as the fic goes on.

I feel you have also given enough uncertainty that we cnnot be sure which of them will win. Will She triumph? or is she over-confident? Your author's notes suggest she wins, but without that I like the way the actual story (as a one shot) leaves that to the imagination. Although, admittedly, if this were an actual book, it would need to become clear.

All this said - I am sad that it looks as if you will take a break. I do rather hope that doesn't mean from posting at all, just a break from HP. I would like to encourage you to try your hand at more independent work. This fic and a few others show you would be wonderful at it. Vault21C would be a wonderful beginning to an original work.

And I think you know how much your centaurs interest me. That could also work easily as a stand alone if you replace Snape and Albus with your own characters. After all, Snape in there is already different from canonSnape. Unfortunately, you will be less likely to have an audience on this site without known filters.

As always, I love your work. And I selfishly hope that your upcoming break from Potterverse does not mean you will stop posting entirely. I also hope that a break might refresh you and bring a new life to a return to StPotter. I must admit that I like it better so far than the canonOriginal.

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