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9/29/2019 c36 18KillgarraghForever
9/29/2019 c35 KillgarraghForever
Me: (enters the room to find Jack Harkness) Captain Jack Harkness. What HELL have you done?!
Jack: Well...
Me: Don't you 'well' me! You sold Bella to a fucking breeding program! AND they've got the Doctor!
Jack: Um...
Me: Well? What are you waiting for, a written invitation from the Queen? GO SAVE THEM, YOU IDIOT!
9/29/2019 c25 KillgarraghForever
Yes, RIVER! WOO! Is the Doctor going to show up soon, cause their both hurting, and I can't wait for the Doctor to see Jack.
9/29/2019 c24 KillgarraghForever
You're dead, Jack. Dead as a dodo.
9/29/2019 c22 KillgarraghForever
Of COURSE Jack shows up and starts FLIRTING with Bella. What else would happen? Ooo, the Doctor's gonna be pissed when he finds out.
9/29/2019 c3 KillgarraghForever
Well, that confirms it. I'm guessing Bella's Gramps was a Time Lord, or at least descended from one.
9/29/2019 c1 KillgarraghForever
From that description, I deduce that Bella is in the Whoverse and in Britain, and the Doctor has just saved the world again. Am I right, or am I RIGHT?
4/8/2017 c38 Serafina Adler
this is fucking disgusting, the doctor now mind raped her twice and than raped her physically. I meant fucking shit what the fuck. I never really hated the doctor but here I really do.
3/2/2017 c34 1Aviendha91
Not cool. The way the Doctor reformed the bond was basically raping her. He did not get consent the first time, which I understand but this was violent and only thinking that himself which is very out of character for the Doctor.
1/12/2017 c49 Chopsticks
Oh my goodness. I can't believe the ending. It's not just that I wanted it to be a happy-ever-after. It was so abrupt. Even if you were going to have a sad ending, it feels like you got tired of the story and just ended it. Should have at least brought it to a bit of a conclusion.
1/6/2017 c49 Scarlet
Why did you have Bella killed. What you could of done instead was done it were the only way for the doctor to save Bella was if he made her miscarry their baby so she could live.
1/6/2017 c49 7Falling Right Side-Up

What? What just happened? Wow. I'm shocked. Yes...I agree with your daughter...disappointed rather than angry but yeah. It didn't feel like a proper ending but you're the writer so. What happens to the Doctor now though? With the bond severed? I guess it doesn't matter since the fic is over.
1/6/2017 c49 Debella
this better be a joke... you can't do this!
1/6/2017 c49 Mia
wtf?! that came out of nowhere!
1/6/2017 c49 Shewolf
NO NO NO! Just as I was getting excited that they escape and Bella was reunion with Jack after all this time Bella dies if I would of knew that was going to happen I would not of read this story.
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