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5/24/2017 c17 xenocanaan
I can't wait to read more!
1/31/2017 c15 Iheartlife888
Well at least Shinjiro is not wallowing in angst in this story. Thank you for incorporating Ryoji early:) He's my favorite character and I'm sad to say that I ship them (Minato). I wonder what's going on with magical Britain with no Harry Potter here. Did Dumbledore cause the fire at the orphanage or some random Death Eater? In any case, I hope you update ant of your stories soon. Thank you again
1/3/2017 c7 Just a reader
Pls update soon I really want to know what happen next
12/23/2016 c6 Just a reader
I really like your story it going good so far but I have a question is shinji is harry and if it harry is he have magic and who he is pair with in the story
12/12/2016 c1 FFReader
Great opening chapter. I like it and tbh I want to read more of this story. It is the first Persons x HP story thatvI read where Harry is Shinji. Let's see how it goes! Keep up the good work.

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