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for From ninja to shinigami

4/2 c13 ZZloth
on of the worst chapters I've ever read, holy fuck I thought you were kinda bad, but NOT THIS BAD holy...
3/19 c43 ZeroExia
I ended up rereading this story due to how many different stories I’ve been reading and I love it even more now
3/13 c43 Brandon Ampel
More please
3/10 c43 Pucusi81
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, especially the omake at the end.
3/2 c43 midnightscar17
Please update soon
2/12 c23 Scott Marshall1
Loveless act 1
2/9 c43 Skull Flame
- I like how Ay reacted when Naruto informed him of the Akatsuki's existence. Also, him giving life lessons to the Academy students was cool.
- People are having bets about if Naruto will be a teacher, and what kind of students he will have? That's funny; especially the one who bet that his students will be girls and they'll have a crush on him.
- Itachi has a pardon for 3 days... Well, certainly didn't expect that.
2/6 c21 Scott Marshall1
Its sad that hirizen would use Naruto’s parents against him like that just goes to show you what kinda person he is
2/6 c21 Scott Marshall1
Why does hiruzen smile like he done something great its naruto who did all the hard work all you did was sit on your ass
2/5 c43 Borello
nice work
2/4 c4 Scott Marshall1
One thing i have never understood that in soo many fanfic why do soo many people make kushina a fan girl and she’s supposed to be some badass so why
2/3 c39 Crossfyrex
I. Glad to see that this story is being continued thank you
2/3 c43 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
2/3 c35 Mikeblade
good read i like the jokes but when someone is caught spying the punishment is damn near most of the time being drilled for any info they can get then the person is killed
2/3 c33 Mikeblade
confused how did naruto drug a spirit using a solid object it would go right thru the spirit and out the other side doing fuck all.
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