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for From ninja to shinigami

2/15/2017 c1 1Pushi19
I like it a lot keep doing great work
2/15/2017 c1 maxbrevan
nice, love it, author keep up your story and for the beta guy love your work too, it's really good, both of you are good, keep up your both amazing work
2/15/2017 c1 Tri-hex
Great job, everything flowed lot more smoothly. good job beta
2/15/2017 c1 2jacke44
LOL 10/10
2/15/2017 c1 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Liked how Naruto has so many people willing to help him. Also like how hiruzen has a spine in this. Also liked how the shopkeeper was portrayed. Can't wait to read more
2/15/2017 c7 1SPeCTeR-ll7
For chapter one. Nicely done, the chapter flow is easier to read and I like the new look you gave to Naruto.
2/15/2017 c1 Shadowdragondanny
2/7/2017 c6 SPark681
Oh boy seems Tsume has had her eyes opened by her new daughter and the hokage is gonna pay anyways keep up the great work!
2/7/2017 c6 Tri-hex
Another great chapter, however, I suggest you get a new beta cause you're current one's clearly screwing you over. Your previous chapters may have had one or two mistakes in them but at least they were still readable.
2/6/2017 c6 TheBigBruteOmega
I tried to read this chapter but it was to ruff
I like this story but it seems that this chapter was rushed
2/6/2017 c1 Dangulus
I can be a beta if you need it as your beta just suvks!
2/6/2017 c6 36KuronoDono12
Um not to be rude or anything but I think your BETA is screwing you as the grammar for this chapter was nearly un-readable
2/6/2017 c6 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome job but kinda hard to read without the "" in it
2/6/2017 c6 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Great chapter! However, this chapter is kinda jumbled up and slightly messy. Some sentences are incomplete and some are combined, making no sense at all! Might wanna recheck this and fix the errors.
2/1/2017 c5 12Vale Fire 99
Wow just wow this is an awesome story so far, and I really hope you continue this story.
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