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4/22 c17 LionsSolitude
Everything except chp 13 has been a wonderful read... Thanks for this cocktail mix of bleach and naruto. Great read
4/21 c13 LionsSolitude
The first 12 chapters have been good, even satisfying and content with the way things ended. But, chapter 13 was wrong and terrible and just not worth reading. I pretty much skipped all what Ino did and that with Hinabi was also just wrong. I hope the chapters after this can wash my eyes from this unsatisfying read through. Thanks for the 12 chapters before this though.
4/2 c13 ZZloth
on of the worst chapters I've ever read, holy fuck I thought you were kinda bad, but NOT THIS BAD holy...
3/19 c43 ZeroExia
I ended up rereading this story due to how many different stories I’ve been reading and I love it even more now
3/13 c43 Brandon Ampel
More please
3/10 c43 Pucusi81
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, especially the omake at the end.
3/2 c43 midnightscar17
Please update soon
2/12 c23 Scott Marshall1
Loveless act 1
2/9 c43 Skull Flame
- I like how Ay reacted when Naruto informed him of the Akatsuki's existence. Also, him giving life lessons to the Academy students was cool.
- People are having bets about if Naruto will be a teacher, and what kind of students he will have? That's funny; especially the one who bet that his students will be girls and they'll have a crush on him.
- Itachi has a pardon for 3 days... Well, certainly didn't expect that.
2/6 c21 Scott Marshall1
Its sad that hirizen would use Naruto’s parents against him like that just goes to show you what kinda person he is
2/6 c21 Scott Marshall1
Why does hiruzen smile like he done something great its naruto who did all the hard work all you did was sit on your ass
2/5 c43 Borello
nice work
2/4 c4 Scott Marshall1
One thing i have never understood that in soo many fanfic why do soo many people make kushina a fan girl and she’s supposed to be some badass so why
2/3 c39 Crossfyrex
I. Glad to see that this story is being continued thank you
2/3 c43 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
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