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2/3 c35 Mikeblade
good read i like the jokes but when someone is caught spying the punishment is damn near most of the time being drilled for any info they can get then the person is killed
2/3 c33 Mikeblade
confused how did naruto drug a spirit using a solid object it would go right thru the spirit and out the other side doing fuck all.
2/2 c30 Mikeblade
so i guess from your preview of the next chapter orochimaru found some way around the virus since he was not screaming in pain from using the summon jutsu from what you said the virus does he should be in agony.
2/2 c43 WolfKnight0421
I'm enjoying the story so far but I am getting tired of all the jokes being made just to make the male characters look bad. I wouldn't mind it so much if it only happened every couple of chapters but the fact that it happens so often, multiple times in the same chapter, and the fact that it only happens to the male characters is annoying. I also never understood why Kiba is always made out to be some kind of skirt chasing horndog when theres no evidence of that happening in the anime/manga, there are better ways to bash him than just making him a pervert. Also what's the point of saying Naruto had multiple mother figures who taught him how to behave properly if your just gonna throw that away to make jokes at his expense. The last thing I'll bring up is how much you flanderize the characters, which isn't a bad thing by itself but it's gotten to the point where it feels like the characters don't have anything in common with their canon counterparts.
2/2 c22 1David Saville
really!? you had to use the line from the first x-men movie?
2/2 c24 Mikeblade
thank you for writing this story i laughed a lot reading this chapter
2/1 c13 Mikeblade
fun chapter
2/1 c39 2Shirou Emiya1
I'm confused, in a previous chapter you showed that Naruto is a close acquaintance of kakuzu since you revealed that Naruto is going to thank him for that fireworks distraction and yet in this chapter you showed that kakuzu is dead... Like what the hell? Was that a typo or something? Or is there another kakuzu or is that Naruto is talking about Kukaku?
2/1 c9 Mikeblade
wonder why naruto did not show the third the video of danzo and the elders talking about there betrayal the tech exists in the naruto world to watch it.
2/1 c8 Mikeblade
the naurto series is weird because slavery is illegal in fire country yet the Hyuga clan get away with slavery
2/1 c7 Mikeblade
well someone is going to die maybe 2 someone's
2/1 c6 Mikeblade
well danzo and the advisers are fucked because all naruto has to do is show the video and they will be arrested for treason then killed.
2/1 c5 Mikeblade
great forehead girl got a talking to and a punishment chapters ago when is the lazy ass pervert of a sensei who is always late who can only teach if the other person can copy him because he is to lazy to teach getting his punishment
2/1 c3 Mikeblade
i don't buy that one of them would just abandon a child since that clan is all about loyalty 100%
2/1 c2 Mikeblade
naruto being helped by some who makes the snake sanin look like a saint
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