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for From ninja to shinigami

10/14/2017 c11 Greer123
Thanks for the update.
10/14/2017 c11 Shadowdragondanny
That was good can't wait for more
10/13/2017 c8 Bootyyy
Just a question, did you make Haku a girl for the sake of the plot? Like how in some book they will change the gender of charicters for shits and giggles? Cos I was confused, mainly cos Hakus originally a boy that looks like a girl, and I was like 'well maybe in this hes gay' and then Zabuza called him his daughter and I was like 'aa wait whaaaa?'. Great story also btw U
10/11/2017 c10 Ito Uchiha
Please continue i love it
10/10/2017 c10 TjBanner
Great story! Can’t wait for the next chapter
10/7/2017 c10 1Mistress Saturn1
Love it! I can't wait to see what you do next.
10/4/2017 c10 nickclause
Great chapter
10/3/2017 c10 14Dark-Star217
Pros: Original mixture idea, strong original characters, and a feasible tie in to the bleach storyline.
Cons: Too many characters on screen at once, unless there is a fight, having 7 characters at once is a hassle to pan out. Far to fast paced, you have too much going on too fast, without enough detail in the back story. This sometime reads like a play. By that I mean it reads like an actor should be acting out a scene, read from a script. You want to detail what the character is doing, but not in a way that leaves a reader feeling like they should be the one doing it. Grammer errors here and there, but everyone does that, so no biggy.
10/3/2017 c10 KeyofSolomon.M.E
I love this story even if Sakura is getting the shit beat out of her , though i have to admit my self before the end of the chunin exams sakura was a right bitch, I always think of the idea of "inner" sakura liking naruto while outer hates him. Is it bad i want to see Naruto leave the Leaf eventually ? Him the Gottie 13 and wave(aka new whirlpool xD) would make for a nice village
9/30/2017 c9 Borello
this story is really exciting. i hope you finish this story.
10/2/2017 c10 1Nirvana48
That was satisfying
10/2/2017 c10 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the awesome work!
10/2/2017 c10 21HyperA1985
I am looking foward to chapter 11 and I hope Naruto meets Shinigami the death reaper.
10/2/2017 c8 thanatos's-shadow
Your new beta is doing an excellent job. I can actually read chapter 6 now.
10/1/2017 c10 Calebros
please explain what is so rude to call someone scary.
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