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9/20/2017 c3 Jose19
I am not happy that Mayuri is helping Naruto you do know that he is almost like a villain in the Bleach world this guy is almost a clone of Orochimaru because he does experiment on Human beings, and he killed almost all of the Quincy at one time.
9/20/2017 c9 1Killjoy3000
9/19/2017 c1 4KuroArashi94
I'm blunt by nature, so please don't take offense when I say this is pretty horrid. Multiple grammar issues, a cliched plot that doesn't separate it from the rest of the mediocre stories on the site. Kakashi and Sakura were terribly out of character for the sake of bashing them later; it comes of cringe-worthy and silly and it's impossible to take seriously. This is Naruto-pandering at it's worse, there are plenty of stories with the same idea done far better.
9/19/2017 c9 SPark681
Hmm so in a way Minato and Kushina just got a much bigger family which I highly doubt they'd really care about which means they got more children that'll call them mom and dad anyways keep up the great work!
9/18/2017 c9 3RizenKing
This is an amazing story from the beginning til now I can't wait until the next chapter is up this makes the crossover genre worthwhile
9/18/2017 c9 Shad0wGh0st
Loved the ending. Haven't seen it done before.
9/18/2017 c9 marquis.shax
I think you should reconsider Naruto adopting all the children and ESPECIALLY the babies from the orphanage considering that for one Naruto doesn't have a shit ton of money unless you plan on having the clan accounts having a lot of it but that wouldn't work as you said that the civilians are in charge of them (which honestly makes no sense as why would civilians be in charge of SHINOBI CLAN FUNDS even "dead" clans) and non shinobi civilians are greedy and would empty that account the minute they could. You should've transferred the account into Jiraiya's name to prevent something like that happening
9/17/2017 c9 21HyperA1985
I am looking forward to chapter 10 and I hope Naruto meets Karin Uzumaki.
9/17/2017 c9 jablanco
That was cool
9/17/2017 c9 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent chapter! I loved it! Finally! Both Hanabi and Hinata are safe from being abused by that wretched Hiashi!

Keep this up! And update again soon!
9/17/2017 c9 oneoddtodd
Nicely done! I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter keep up the great work man!
9/17/2017 c9 Shadowdragondanny
That was good go naruto lol
9/17/2017 c9 bankai777
Will Naruto kill Hiashi Hyuuga.
9/17/2017 c9 Greer123
What will Naruto do with the kids from the Orphanage?
9/17/2017 c8 Greer123
I like this chapter a lot. Please keep up the good work.
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