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7/25/2020 c2 N
Your work is as always, heartbreakingly lovely. I'm rarely so envious of fictional characters. You're brilliant. I don't know what to say. My heart's aching. Hope you read this.
10/28/2019 c2 CumberBiscuit02
3 3 3
3/27/2018 c1 deemura
it's one of my comfort fic. and a few last paragraphs in the first chapter is one of many reasons why
10/23/2017 c2 deemura
OMG! they're old married couple
7/1/2017 c2 40midnightjen
I'm a huge fan of seeing these two acing like a couple but not yet being a couple and I love that Mary is Sherlock's sounding board.
3/12/2017 c2 145simplyshelbs16
awwww this is so sweet!
2/4/2017 c2 kate
ok hold on...I'm gonna have to sit all day tmw and daydream about what happens in Florence? ;_; damn, my heart aches for Sherlock. This is exactly how I felt after s4. He has so much love to give. In his own weird way. So much compassion. And he really tries. jfc *back to sobbing*
2/4/2017 c2 kate
Ok I need a break now. Have to stuff my face in a pillow and cry for 20 mins. Cry for this incredible story. Cry for lack of a real life sherlock in my life! Seriously, I think Im almost 98% envious of Molly. sigh.
1/31/2017 c2 9imaginativefig
I'm basically going to end up faving everything you've ever written. Everything is so cute and perfect that it hurts!
1/15/2017 c2 Cate
Amazing story! Great ending!
1/5/2017 c2 29JolieBlack
Oh wow! The last lines about killed me, so beautiful! I love how you write their relationship/non-relationship, so tentative and unusual but so very them. Sherlock *would* be really hesitant to enter into a relationship, but he's not being cute-silly about it here (as so often in Sherlock fic), he's just exactly how he would be. I love that he doesn't magically get over his doubts and his faults just because he's realised Molly loves him, but it warms my heart how he tries. The line about him "struggling through the wedding night" was a brilliant summary of that.
1/4/2017 c2 Guest
Gorgeous story. Can we have Florence?
12/30/2016 c2 rooneykmara
I'm so so so so grateful that we are getting spoiled by your writing now, each piece as gorgeously crafted as the next. This might be my favorite, it clenched my heart so tightly I was worried about palpitations. Actually I get that feeling every time I read your writing, this slight achyness that feels exactly like being around someone you like. It's just so much emotion that it's slightly uncomfortable, but in the BEST possible way. I'm so glad we got to see your take on Mary as well, her voice and relationship with Sherlock is wonderful here 3
12/29/2016 c2 18Mistykins06
Just what I needed and I adored ever second of this. That Molly doesn't need him was a marvelous notion that gets missed so often. That and the holiday... you are a master at this.
12/26/2016 c2 Guest
That's aw-freaking-dorable! Best Sherlolly fanfic author out there by a few miles. Thanks again!
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