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5/30 c1 Guest
WOW. This was simply amazing - I don’t even begrudge the one-note villainous portrayal of Roy and Aline! In fact, it served as a devilishly brilliant backdrop to all that raunchy action about to be served up in spades ;)
And this line in particular was perfection “You know I love you, but when has that ever mattered?” Sums up everything that is the colossal misunderstanding/miscommunication/missed-opportunities between our eponymous couple. LOVE them and LOVE this.
4/10 c1 Guest
This could use another chapter
2/12 c1 Guest
Do you think caraea90, here below me, just goes around commenting haughtily about ‘community guidelines’ on everyone’s stories, in their free time, jjust for funzies? Honestly buzz the buzz off, dear Cara, and I do mean that in the very nicest way possible. No need to spoil all the fun. If you don’t like it, simply carry on and read something else?

Loved this story, of course. Really wish it wasn’t a one-shot because when you write M material, it’s just so hot and honest and utterly perfectly invoking. Further, there’s not a soul that I have so far found that can even come close to comparing. Surprise everyone with an update, years and years later?
1/24 c1 Caraea90
FYI, MA rated content isn’t allowed on this site. The Guidelines/Rules say “Fiction M can contain adult language, themes, and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interactions of sexual or violent nature nature is considered MA.”
7/7/2018 c1 Guest
I have read this multiple times and am never tired of it. That bell tower scene was gorgeous and I’d bet stuff like that happened more than we’d think back then. Loved the erotic role of the heart pendant throughout this story too. And that final consummation scene made me so wish I was back in college again with my boyfriend in a cramped dorm room on a narrow twin bed... sigh. You really rocked this one K. A.
6/26/2018 c1 Guest
I have read this over and over. It’s my favorite one shot by far.
5/3/2018 c1 wow
That was absolutely gorgeous.
10/3/2017 c1 Dennis
OK Kat, how bout no contact for a couple years and when they meet again, there is a baby with curly hair and those special eyes! Keep writing girl...
9/9/2017 c1 Dennis Merrell
Kat, you are wonderful! Finally, someone broke through, and it was you! Thanks...
8/10/2017 c1 6ElizabethAnneSoph
Wow scandalous and really nice! I have never thought Anne would be so reckless or Gilbert gives up to his baser/deep feelings for Anne in this way! Aline got what she deserved and Roy really needs a good kick up his arse!
If ever you write a sequel I hope for a happy one where they actually are engaged or married! Because this was so brilliant and scandalous at the same time! Happy writing
7/2/2017 c1 elynch1
Super cute and hot I like the dynamic between them
6/26/2017 c1 Guest
I love your story!
6/24/2017 c1 3JD SPARKS
Love this. Super hot. The passion and steam was totally there. Anne's a little risqué for that time period, but I don't care, this was such a fun dabble into a different Anne. Loved everything with the enamel heart necklace, and Anne sticking it out with Roy because of not wanting to lose Dorothy's friendship, damn, even sadder for poor Roy. I've known plenty of people in that situation, falling out but still loving the ex's family. That line about Gilbert having been in love with her for half his life, totally sold me, of course he wouldn't be able to resist this red-haired seductress lol. Great stuff as usual, happy to see your range and playing in different realms. :)
6/7/2017 c1 tommyjude21
So good! Loved your story! Headed to read more. You're writing is so good! I hope you continue!
12/24/2016 c1 Guest
Wow that was lovely! The ending was a bit bittersweet, with Anne (probably, definitely) going to Boston, but we all know they will get back together! Merry Christmas!
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