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6/26/2017 c1 Guest
I love your story!
6/24/2017 c1 3JD SPARKS
Love this. Super hot. The passion and steam was totally there. Anne's a little risqué for that time period, but I don't care, this was such a fun dabble into a different Anne. Loved everything with the enamel heart necklace, and Anne sticking it out with Roy because of not wanting to lose Dorothy's friendship, damn, even sadder for poor Roy. I've known plenty of people in that situation, falling out but still loving the ex's family. That line about Gilbert having been in love with her for half his life, totally sold me, of course he wouldn't be able to resist this red-haired seductress lol. Great stuff as usual, happy to see your range and playing in different realms. :)
6/7/2017 c1 tommyjude21
So good! Loved your story! Headed to read more. You're writing is so good! I hope you continue!
12/24/2016 c1 Guest
Wow that was lovely! The ending was a bit bittersweet, with Anne (probably, definitely) going to Boston, but we all know they will get back together! Merry Christmas!
12/24/2016 c1 Astrakelly
Really good story Well done
12/18/2016 c1 PelirrojaBiu
What have I just read?! Hahaha so, so good! I kept thinking that at the end one of them would wake up and realise it was just a crazy dream! I wouldn't say it was OOC, they were still very much in character, just a bit less restrained, lol. My favourite thing about it is that they didn't make any final decision re: Boston/Kingsport, they both stood their ground. The line about cherishing and protecting each other's dreams was beautiful and spot on. All in all, an awesome holiday gift for all of us Kwak fans!
12/17/2016 c1 Bright Promise 2
Yes, I like this. Daring, refreshing Anne/Gilbert and a very Kwaky illustration of what would have happened had both given in to their desires much earlier than in canon. Thank you for this pre-Christmas gift of a story. I've favourited and followed this in case you decide to add more chapters or series of one-shots.
12/17/2016 c1 Guest
12/17/2016 c1 Chinook-girl
Yes, thumbs up from me. Refreshing and daring. Bad-girl Anne is good, especially when she ultimately loses her innocence to Gilbert, the man she loves. Favouriting this one...
12/16/2016 c1 guest
Wow I always wondered if they had given in to temptation before the wedding this was brilliant loved it love all your stories. I only found fanfiction for Anne of green gables fairly recently I'm completely hooked
12/16/2016 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
This is brilliant. Yes a little less restrained than proprietary would demand but still oh so true to Anne and Gilbert. I've often wondered what they would be like in 'real life' of the time. Regardless of what society demanded, long engagements such as theirs must have occasioned more closeness than was written about. And you've captured it here. Anne's impulsive nature. Her passion for Gilbert. Her putting down her relationship with Roy to simply a desire for a close friendship with Dorothy. I love her fire and independence. I know when I sit down with a glass of wine tonight I'll be pondering this Anne and Gilbert and this AU. I think she'll go to Boston and they'll have separate lives peppered with weekend catchups that recapture some of what happened here. Maybe there will be a pregnancy scare, maybe there will be a baby, maybe there will be some confusion and misunderstandings, but it will definitely end in them being together because the world wouldn't be right with out Anne and Gil together in the end. Thank you for this. So much fun. You're such a talented writer.
12/15/2016 c1 2Kim Blythe
First off, what OOC and OTT means ?

Anne being drunk on life ! Gil being drunk on Anne ! Hello Dryad ! Dance with me ! Gil and Roy almost fighting together for Anne ! When Anne and Gilbert almost did it at where they were hiding at ! Which made me say to myself, no, no, no Katherine, why didn't you make them make love all the way... The rest of the chapter proved me wrong on that, when Anne and Gil arrived at Gil's not a boarding house but him living there alone !

But this very long, funny, romantic, sweet, passionate chapter needs to have one or two more chapters to follow it, because the way you ended it, makes me believe or makes me want for more !
12/15/2016 c1 LizDexic
Holy heat on such a bitter cold day. Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley! I must admit I've always suspected Anne of Pattys Place was quite a different girl then Redmond Anne. And Patty's Place Anne it was leading the way up the bell tower. But Gilbert Blythe?! So much for the proper, restrained future doctor! Oh well 'Isnt that just like a man', as Ms. Cornelia would say.
I was sure if could handle such canon impurities, but god I loved it! I'm left all shivery and with the impression that it was just bound to happen, in fact we don't know that it didn't, I mean come on a 4 yr engagement?.
Anyway, what fun! Thanks.
12/15/2016 c1 7wishwars
Ahhhhh so good! I love Anne no her dryad-state and I love how much Gilbert can't resist it either!
They make my heart ache.., I can't wait to see what twists and turns you cook up for them next, though I'm glad Roy is out of the picture
Have you ever seen the web comic "Miss Abbott and the Doctor"? The doctor is perhaps a bit too stiff to be Gilbert, but Miss Abbott is certainly Anne-like and the drawings look so much like how I picture these two! I'm not sure how well researched it is, but it made me think of Anne and Gilbert.
I eagerly await your next update, as always :)
12/15/2016 c1 18Alinyaalethia
Beautifully and compellingly written. I'm another who doesn't feel this to be out-of-chrcter, only a fuller realisation of their love than Maud could ever have written. As ever it's you it's in the details; the menace of Gilbert taking off his coat, Anne making a belt of her garter and her ethereal, overwhelming beauty, the real grief at losing Dorothy,the bell tower as a threshold Anne crosses unthinking worthy of Keats. A real gift of a story.
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