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12/14/2016 c1 Ka
I like it! But I would also like an addition there things become clear between them.
12/14/2016 c1 FKAJ
P. S. Is there going to be more? ?
12/14/2016 c1 7Formerly known as J
! ! ! !

OMG, I'm still breathless and slightly incoherent after reading this, so don't expect any sense out of me in this review! From the moment delicious Gilbert Blythe arrived in his black coattails and tipping his top hat to her teasingly, I was IN! All in. This is without doubt your finest effort yet, and I loved every moment of it. From that dance, the brawl, the freaking bell tower and then Gilbert's place at Drummond Street, everything, just everything about this was glorious. Then of course, The Latin School, Gilbert checking the punch for rum, Anne feeling like her heedless, reckless self again and Gilbert's strength of will (!), it was all perfect.

I know I should be sparing a thought for Roy, and how much I loved Anne giving Aline a massive slap, but I just can't get past that enamel heart. I can't list all my favourite parts, so I won't. Just know this entire story has made my year!

I bow in worship to the master.
12/14/2016 c1 8Catiegirl
Oh my gosh Kwak, you nearly gave me heart failure! It was perfect, just perfect. Steamy, stormy and romantic, and to me not really that OOC! There's the genius of it, really. I mean sure, the circumstances were tweaked, but to me it just sang of the two of them. The love between the two of them was incenditory, and Anne's insistence on remaining in the moment was perfect. There was a cleanness (don't laugh!) of motive and understanding between the two of them- I knew that it was only about the two of them, and that they understood each other the way that only friends can. There were so many amazing moments (!) there. I started breathing again when Phil DIDN'T mention his almost engagement, and at Roy punishing her. That just set the scene amazingly- and knowing that Gilbert got the signal of the flowers and pendant, you were righting a terrible wrong. I loved the fact that they could go from such heat filled moments to sitting and talking, and I loved the honest and heart breaking emotions there. I loved after the dance Anne feeling that she was finally herself again- loved the Adam and Eve parallels through the piece, and the two of them shedding what the last two years had piled on them. Loved him looking for the girl he knew, and later Anne seeing the blackened boots and hired suits- getting back to who they are! Oh, and Anne saying 'Gilbert is home'- there's the truth of it! This is going to be ridiculously long, I'll pm you with the rest.

AMAZING, Kwak, I've read it about 4x already...
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