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for A Limey for Lou

1/11/2019 c1 Guest
She is nothing but drunken pig good riddens
12/7/2017 c1 bob
geez she is such a weak person it actually makes me laugh that castle would want to be with anyone so cowardly
1/1/2017 c1 Guest
She is one screwed up woman
12/19/2016 c1 josiebell391
awesome story thank you
12/18/2016 c1 9theputz913
I really want to see what that "real talking" the next day was going to entail...any chance of a second chapter?
12/16/2016 c1 Deb838
Great story
12/15/2016 c1 operaluvr
If only...
12/15/2016 c1 3rdfah
Great emotion laden fight. A drunk Beckett is always a good character. She gets to peek out from behind those walls with dramatic or hilarious results.
12/15/2016 c1 2mobazan27
12/15/2016 c1 88FearlessHeartSVU
I like this and wish you'd write one more chapter of what happens the next morning. He's right. Subtext and innuendo got them in this mess. Mostly on her part. Vague references on the swings and all.
12/15/2016 c1 14Perspex13
Thank goodness for Lou's birthday! What a great excuse for more good stories. I enjoyed this quite a bit. What hooked me most, I think, was Castle's honest struggle. He wasn't just the shallow playboy and he was wondering what kind of situation he'd found himself in. It's more introspective and less intentionally hurtful (to himself, to Beckett, to their partnership, even to Jacinda) than is often the case. I also wanted to go find the "we're not worthy" GIF in response to the part that started with "No, Kate, I am still angry..." What?! Falling into bed doesn't solve everything? Where was this radical notion in canon?!
12/15/2016 c1 life's a mystery
awe! I would love to read what happens the following morning
12/14/2016 c1 Trude
nice Story
I am actually glad they went their seperate ways after their confrontation, giving themselves time to think
12/14/2016 c1 Guest
Oh, how I would love to hear the conversation the next morning, but you've left it here and I can be ok with that. Beautifully written.
12/14/2016 c1 Barry
This is the first 1 chapter story I've read that really feels like there was some closure. Thanks!
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