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for Young Justice: A New Beginning

8/27/2017 c2 Guest
lol funny Chapter
1/24/2017 c3 32Princess Of Flames
This was awesome!
You have no idea how much I love dark stories and characters that it exasperated my best friend and she asks me of its really necessary to bring so much darkness in all my stories.
But this was amazing. I love Wild Fire. She is an awesome OC though I picture her as Starfire though but more covered clothing.
And Noah is next! Yay!
I can't wait to see the next chapter!
Make more and update soon.
Keep writing
Princess Of Flames
12/18/2016 c2 2call me calamity
This is really interesting! I've already got a submission written out; I'll be sending it in shortly :)
12/16/2016 c2 32Princess Of Flames
This was interesting. I like Blur. She has a sweet tooth like me!
Okay I noticed this anon reviewer has spammed your review box. He does that to every OC story in the Young Justice Archive so I suggest you delete them.
If you don't know how to then go to your main account page on a laptop or tablet or computer. On the left is a panel where one of the options is reviews. Click on reviews and a sub panel appears. Click on delete review and it will show you all the anon reviews you have received and you can select which ones to delete.
anyway. I will send I'm my OCS soon.
12/16/2016 c2 GaoGod
Crap, anon's spammed the reviews again.
A good reason you should not post here unless you know how to get rid of him.
12/15/2016 c1 Princess Of Flames
Well this is interesting
And seeing as you are one of us writers who know about the whole SYOC forms on profile trick then I don't need to banter you on this.
But yeah I will send in an OC or two.
Make more and update soon
Keep writing
Princess Of Flames
12/15/2016 c1 Aprilviolinist
Sounds pretty cool
12/15/2016 c1 AtinZ
Hmm...sounds pretty cool!

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