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for The Price To Your Freedom

4/19/2017 c53 3LukaLukaa
shit i'm not crying
4/19/2017 c53 ValyrianRose
in all honesty, I hate you. I nearly busted out crying IN CLASS. I also love you for creating such an amazing story that you made our own. I can't wait to read another story written by you and believe NOTHING can compare to this.
4/19/2017 c53 dat boi Neah
I don't often cry over fanfics that have OCS, because most of them are pretty cliche. but this. this story right here? original, and beautiful, and cute, and funny! I love it so much and the last few chapters made me cry. literally, reading the last line of the epilogue? I nearly screamed 'f you' while crying my eyes out because it just destroyed my heart aaaaaaaa no but seriously, good work! I loved this a lot tbh? and I'm totally down for a magi or snb fic, because I loved this work, so I know I'll love anything else too! another dgm fic in the future would be pretty neat too! thanks so much for taking the time to write this and share this with us! -
4/17/2017 c52 Ronnie-Sugar54618
SINBAD NO BOUKEN! but i didn't stay all this way just to leave before the end, I'm staying until you finish this book, but anyway i kinda hope the epilogue has ary in it, i miss the cursing! It was so funny! This chapter was great btw! TT
4/16/2017 c51 2HaruRiTwins
-man :)
4/15/2017 c51 5Leahcar-Soutaichou
WAAAAAHHHHHHH! You made me cry! I'm at work reading this man! My poor Allen! Lavi! TT waaaaahahaaaa!
4/14/2017 c51 3LukaLukaa
puts face in hands :::: gods i'm not crying
4/14/2017 c51 Ronnie-Sugar54618
My babies are dead, it may be an absolutely awful thing but i knew that something like this was gonna happen, it's utterly terrible but it fits the story's end, I'm in a state of confusion on wether to love or hate this story because it madee feel so many things, i just hope that no one else dies! PLEASE AUTHOR! NO MORE DEATH!
4/10/2017 c50 5Leahcar-Soutaichou
Oh you are so mean! Cliffys! Arrggghhhh! I got a feeling that I know what the price is but arrrgghhh!
4/10/2017 c50 3ABookWormForLife
I vote for another D. Gray-man fanfic!
I'm going to guess te price Ary has to pay is either her life or her memories of some sort?
Aw, you're going to make me wait a whole week?

xD It's fine, go ahead. That means my expectations for the next chapter will just be really high!

4/10/2017 c50 Ronnie-Sugar54618
It's her innocence! Either that or her life, but i really hope she doesn't die!
4/10/2017 c50 Tick Tock Follow the Clock
4/10/2017 c50 13RussianSnowwolf
Awesome Chapter. I would think definitely not material. And I feel like since they wouldn't give the spell then they value one or both of their lives and since they are connected so strongly, it can't be that the price would be her life because wouldn't that drag Gabriel too? It would be cool if she became host to all of the angels and faced the risk of breaking her own soul or going crazy from the power.
Can't wait to see what your idea for the price is!
4/9/2017 c49 5Leahcar-Soutaichou
I would have lopped off that guys hand if he touched me lol as to where the heart is... I'm actually dumbfounded... I don't even know lol maybe it's someone's actual heart... hmmmm the possibilities!
4/9/2017 c49 Ronnie-Sugar54618
The heart's inside of Ary! If it happens then i called it!
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