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3/14/2017 c25 5Leahcar-Soutaichou
Omg if ary and lavi have sex do you think he'll be giving pointers to ary? Cause that would be hilarious!
2/21/2017 c20 Chymera-Dragon
I have never understood that either. I mean come on Allen, they have the same hair, same smoking habit, and even know about your ability to cheat at cards! Honestly, I remember watching this episode thinking "Allen, you are dense as a brick."
2/13/2017 c18 Chymera-Dragon
Hello lovely Author-chan! Don't think I didn't notice the One Punch Man reference in the last chapter you sly devil. And ah, Lavi and Ary, practically 2 peas in a pod that both refuse to admit. Their interactions are almost as great as Allen's and Cas's. And poor Suman! Woe to poor Ary's heart when it happens.

Bye for now Author-chan! This won't be the last you hear of me!
2/9/2017 c17 Chymera-Dragon
WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED! I swear I never got the notification for chapter 16! No! I didn't get to guess her nickname! *goes full Death the Kid* I am a worthless subscriber to this story that shouldn't be allowed on this website again!

Okay now that my slightly depressed rant is over, I think it is going to make little Ary-chan reckless!
2/8/2017 c8 3WinterYule
Nah, you don't have to worry about that. Ary and Cassandra aren't similar at all. The most is they're red heads and are kinda sassy and fiery. They have different personalities.

...And you kinda spelled Broker as Braker twice. Though 'a' and 'o' looks similar enough. I find it very interesting that she's poison resistant though...and very lucky for that too or the poison would've got to her already and she'll be in big trouble. Although, I do like to insert drama and big trouble to my writing and then throw a cliffhanger. Haha, nothing is more painful than waiting...MUAHAHAHA *coughs* *coughs*
2/8/2017 c7 WinterYule
Honestly, I love Ary's personality but it would be even better if you take the time to solidify the bonds between her and the other characters (Especially Suman. I would love to read about how they met and stuff like that...haha, I'm sucker for backstory stuff). Ary and Lenalee are pretty good friends. I'm pretty happy that they're that close haha.
2/8/2017 c6 WinterYule
Haha, I can almost imagine her waking up every morning to play a game a cards. "Let's see what kind of a day it is?" Win, Lose, Win or lose, her day is set in stone. Well, at least it's somewhat of a good day for her in this chapter.

It's kinda surprising that she won against Allen though and she practically solidify herself as Tyki's target now. Hopefully, she won't get her heart ripped out. I'm pretty worried now...

And sorry for not replying to your msg. I'm kinda super swamped by work right now. Really desperate to do well and get my CGPA up so I can apply for the student exchange program. I'll reply soon...though, when, I'm not sure...but I'll try asap.
2/3/2017 c15 Chymera-Dragon
I know that they are pills that help you sleep, but I don't know any of the popular sleeping pills. So I will guess that they are pills made from Poppy flowers.
2/1/2017 c14 Chymera-Dragon
I like the Idea! I also have really bad allergies when I am around cats so I think it makes her relatable!
1/30/2017 c13 Chymera-Dragon
I say she will either cry when Allen is attacked by Tyki or when Suman becomes a fallen.
1/27/2017 c12 Chymera-Dragon
Did you just make a Star wars reference? And yes. Yes she can.
1/25/2017 c11 Chymera-Dragon
Are you talking about Lenalees's nightmare? because if I had to guess, I would say of the time when she first joined the Order, or of future events that are going to hurt my heart. I swear all Authors are SADISTS!
1/23/2017 c10 Chymera-Dragon
Was he a soldier? A lot of people go to war to protect something.
1/23/2017 c5 WinterYule
Ary is so going to get loads of paperwork. With Komui work ethics, I can imagine the amount of paperwork left undone for days, weeks, months and even years. really need to get organised.

Krory...yandere for Eliade as usual. He's really stubborn at the beginning but I guess there's no choice since there's an expression known as 'love is blind'.

The last part though, Ary is woozy. "Weeeh!"
1/23/2017 c9 Chymera-Dragon
Me personally, I think Ary has a very nice character design. She is childish with the mouth of a sailor and has a clear set of morals. Also her fights with Kanda are hilarious.
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