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for And the Wild Iris Blooms

5/28/2020 c15 1Tintallie
Oh! That was lovely and terrible. You need a cyclone shout into a low ceiling! Lol!
5/28/2020 c12 Tintallie
Muahahaha is right! Still reading avidly and loving it! Thank you so much! I know I found your story long after it was written but the best compliment I can give is that I’m hooked!
5/28/2020 c7 Tintallie
Ooooh! Chapter 7! Short and perfection! . The Dragonborn feels the same frustration all we Dragonborn feel because we can’t grab up that adorable man and smash kisses all over him! Lolol! Damn his honor! 3
3/30/2020 c27 saso.dei.xdd
There is so wonderful story *-*
I started to read this for learing english, and I was surprised how much I loved it. Especially, your Bryn :)
Thank you, author, so much for it. I've read only 27 chapters, but I can't tear myself away. I wish that the story never ends :)
8/27/2018 c39 3Psycho Kay
This is probably what's really going on when you choose both factions. Poor iris, I hope bryn understands after hearing all this but man iris has so much on her plate. Maybe he'll help her return the key and manage her time between both families? I mean, it's definitely not impossible to have more than one family.

I missed reading this, I'm excited for the next chapter whenever that may be!
8/24/2018 c39 P
there is more? please! cant wait! now Brynjolf know all! and yes he is so jealous of Lucien! I think that after the confront they make love! XD they are so in love and they need this!
8/8/2018 c39 Guen
ohhhh my you had update and I miss this! poor porr Iris! But she is so sweet ! And hope that Brynjolf can talk to her and kiss her!
6/12/2018 c38 Psycho Kay
Bryn just wants the thieves guild to be up and running and Iris is preventing that! I can understand ambushing her since she's been out with her murder friends

Also the first time I played through the dark brotherhood my heart broke. I knew nothing about the betrayal and I had gotten very attached to everyone. 3:
6/8/2018 c38 Guest
ohhh welcome back! and oh my god!
5/2/2018 c37 Psycho Kay
Oh god bryn is gonna don his nightingale armor and find iris to figure out why she lied and HOPEFULLY they'll finally return the skeleton key. However I have a feeling she's going to have a wild ride killing the emperor, have a mental breakdown with astrids charred body, and withdraw even further into herself when all this goes down because Iris cannot have one moment of peace!
I love this story and your writing, I look forward to whenever the next chapter comes out!
5/2/2018 c36 Psycho Kay
Ah, my two loves, Cicero and Brynjolf! Hopefully iris will come clean eventually, both to bryn and herself. This guilt and denial is truly eating her alive!
5/2/2018 c35 Psycho Kay
Poor bryn, he doesn't deserve this torment! But I'm guessing this is how he'd feel even if you could romance him in game. My virtual spouse practically never saw me either
5/2/2018 c34 Psycho Kay
I hope everything been going better or at least gotten more manageable! Time will become your new best friend besides your actual best friends
5/2/2018 c33 Psycho Kay
I never used Lucien, but maybe I should. Could be fun!
5/2/2018 c32 Psycho Kay
I'm actually really happy that her dark brotherhood connection is just "oh you have a bunch of titles? Cool. Go fix your love life." You've made them into such nice people!
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