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for And the Wild Iris Blooms

5/2/2018 c31 3Psycho Kay
Why do I feel like she fits in with the brotherhood better than the thieves? They already seem to know More of the important stuff!
5/2/2018 c30 Psycho Kay
I was never expecting the story to end up here but I really like it! And it feels pretty accurate to when you play the game because lets be real: we all shirked our duties as dragonborn and held onto that wonderful skeleton key until we had more lockpicks than necessary
5/2/2018 c29 Psycho Kay
I feel like if both of them were smart they'd sit down and talk about all of this and iris he's a chance to explain her reasoning and why she did it and bryn just listens
Because GEEZ she has a lot to deal with. And iris joining the brotherhood? I remember doing that questline and I felt some type of way when Astrid betrays you and you watch these characters get burned to death or slaughtered in front of you. You're gonna put iris through hell aren't you dear author?
5/2/2018 c28 Psycho Kay
Why do you do this to them? And when is iris going to strum the skeleton key? I mean to be fair I kept that sucker for a long time so I totally get it but still!
5/2/2018 c27 Psycho Kay
Well excuse you iris, there's time to do literally everything else when Alduin does nothing until you advance the main quest! I still haven't beat him, it's just way more fun doing everything else
5/2/2018 c26 Psycho Kay
Well this was a nice little side story! I don't want to go back to iris being on the verge of a breakdown but what're you gonna do?

It is a super fun quest, only if you don't persuade any of them to skip out on their task! Skipping makes it rather boring :/
5/2/2018 c25 Psycho Kay
Love the reference to sanguines quest cx

And DAMN is she good at faking being ok. I'm a little worried about that
5/2/2018 c24 Psycho Kay
I'm starting to realize I don't recognize any shouts other than fus because I'm too scared to fight dragons in game! Nor do I use shouts! It's totally understandable that iris is going nuts, stress and trauma do that to a person
5/2/2018 c23 Psycho Kay
When Bryn finds out about all these lies he's going to be mad, there's going to be an argument about "I can help you if you'd tell me also I'm worried!" , iris will cry, and everything will be ok until you decide to make IRIS' LIFE BAD AGAIN D:
5/2/2018 c22 Psycho Kay
Ianthe seems like a really nice lady. I hope she doesn't actually die! Brynjolf will figure out the truth eventually, he always does :b
5/2/2018 c21 Psycho Kay
Man iris IS good at lying. Even I got a little confused to the truth and I know what happened :b
5/2/2018 c20 Psycho Kay
So glad I don't have to wait to figure out this cliffhanger! And good for you vex, hopefully coming around.
5/2/2018 c19 Psycho Kay
I thought all three of them had contracts? Or was that done for dramatic effect? Either way you sure do love to make your oc suffer. Poor Iris better get a happy ending, but it's skyrim 3:
5/2/2018 c18 Psycho Kay
Welp, I guess iris is joining the dark brotherhood! But man oh man she cannot catch a break, I feel bad for her. Just let her sleep!
5/2/2018 c17 Psycho Kay
Oh god who did she kill? Only time will tell!
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