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for And the Wild Iris Blooms

5/2/2018 c16 3Psycho Kay
Stop being so mean vex! Geez!
5/2/2018 c15 Psycho Kay
I'm so glad I'm reading this while there's currently 37 chapters. That would've been so sad to deal with! A beautiful tragic end but still!
5/2/2018 c14 Psycho Kay
I'm curious to see what'll happen after the main quest line finishes. Will they be secret lovers trying to make the guild see the light? Who knows!

And I like the way you're using potions. It always feels odd to leave them out because they don't make sense but how else are you going to explain why people aren't dying from crazy wounds?
5/2/2018 c13 Psycho Kay
Is this why he refuses to talk at the end of the quest in-game? Pretending he can't talk to you but meet up in secret outside of ridden? (I just gotta pretend)
5/2/2018 c12 Psycho Kay
Vex I love you but leave them be!

I am greatly enjoying this! Have I mentioned how much I love brynjolf or the thieves guild or both?
5/2/2018 c11 Psycho Kay
They're so cute! Why do you have to tell us they'll have a hard time? Why can't they just be happy? (It's skyrim, and fanfixtion. That's why!)
5/2/2018 c10 Psycho Kay
I feel like I'm going through the guild questline again, but with more brynjolf. It's a really nice feeling and this is a really nice story!
5/2/2018 c9 Psycho Kay
A part of me doesn't like that brynjolf worries so much and the other part of me is extremely happy about it since there's so little interaction in the game. I'm just gonna savor the idea of him actually caring about the dragonborn cx
5/1/2018 c8 Psycho Kay
Thanks for translating! And both of them need to have a serious heart to heart about why they do what they do and set boundaries. I want their love to blossom~ *throws flower petals*
5/1/2018 c7 Psycho Kay
Come on Brynjolf it's ok! Don't do this to us!
5/1/2018 c6 Psycho Kay
I'm really enjoying iris as a character. This is probably how most people would act if they suddenly my had to ave the world, she's realistic!
5/1/2018 c5 Psycho Kay
I wasn't expecting the stab wound to be such a lady as long as it has but it does make for a great plot point to move the story along in different directions!
5/1/2018 c4 Psycho Kay
Their reunion makes me so happy! Now what's gonna happen when brynjolf let's it slip that he went through her stuff? Time will tell cx
5/1/2018 c3 Psycho Kay
I really need to go to bed but I just want to keep reading! I'm glad Enthir appears to know the cure for this awful poison!
5/1/2018 c2 Psycho Kay
Man, I wish brynjolf liked us that much in the actual game! Finishing the quest line was always so sad because all you get is "sorry lass, I've got important business we'll talk later" and I mean really? We love him give him more dialogue ;n;
Thank you for making brynjolf care ;v;
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