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for And the Wild Iris Blooms

5/1/2018 c1 3Psycho Kay
And here I thought mercer couldn't get any worse!

And I love how you described the word wall! It sounded sooo much cooler than how I actually play (mash yourself into the wall staring directly at the word until you absorb it because why not)
2/7/2018 c36 Nina
she want to go home to Brynjolf! and hope she can be honest with him! love this
1/14/2018 c36 Guest
:) hope that Brynjolf can talk with Iris!
1/13/2018 c36 Manu
Brynjolf will soon have white hair because of Iris ! I could not publish the review ! I think Cicero and Lucien are adorable! And I think Iris loves being a killer but I think she should open her heart to brynjolf, he would understand, and perhaps more than many others! haaaapppyyy newww year!
1/13/2018 c35 Nina
I love so much your story!
1/13/2018 c35 Manu
Brynjolf will soon have white hair because of Iris !
12/19/2017 c35 Guest
:D happy that you are back and that you are bettere and this was nice and you know I need more! Hope the best for you! :))))
11/30/2017 c34 Manu
try to be strong, and do not worry about anything, take your time, and if writing helps you, you have to do it ! I have a lightweight form of stress depression! bound to a sudden death! I do not take the medication, just an tranquillizer, but I find relief while playing eso online and reading stories ! Unfortunately I am not a writer! But you know that we are here for you will always have a word of comfort! That very often helps! So much power for you !3
12/1/2017 c34 43Shannon Vega
No explanation needed. I'm sorry for your grandfather's passing. Are you doing alright? It's okay (more than okay, in fact) to cry, scream, and mourn as you need to. Life has a way of sucker punching you when you least expect it and you are handling this with grace and fortitude. Letting us know doesn't make you weak or sound like you're fishing for sympathy-you're just being honest and upfront. Take whatever time you need. I'm going to sound like a damned greeting card or Hallmark movie but you are stronger than you think, wiser than you admit, and you are loved and valued more than you know-and more than worthy of it all.
Look, you don't know me from Adam or Eve but you're a great writer and you clearly have talent. Take your time. And know that we'll be here.
11/30/2017 c34 2Allyraine
I hope things get better for you. Depression is sometimes a serious struggle, and I don't think any of us hold it against you. If you ever need to talk or a sounding board to sort your feelings out, my inbox is open to you any time. I deal with terrible depression too, and it's hard to feel alone sometimes. I'm sorry for your loss. 3 Much love.
10/16/2017 c33 Guest
hope that Iris can talk soon with Brynjolf! And Lucien is a very great person! :D ah sorry ghost!
10/15/2017 c33 Nina
ohhh this was so good! I like this part and I like so much Lucien! :3
10/15/2017 c32 Nina
ah Iris..You cant avoid Brynjolf forever! But she have many friends!
10/1/2017 c32 P
hope Iris does the right thing, he has to return the key and talk to Brynjolf! That man is waiting for her !take your time, this job is good and I know life is tough !3
10/1/2017 c31 P
this chapter was great !and I think the assassins are not so bad!
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