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2/20/2019 c182 Cmdr. Jonathan Miller
Hmm... why do I feel that either Saito or his wife is the one who shot David with that magic? Regardless, I was surprised that he is here. Just what is going on?
2/19/2019 c18 tronax22
Well, this didn't feel like "one character can read the mind of other, because they are written by the same author" at all...

Seriously, this interaction feels like such an absolute bullshit, you should probably redo it. Scratch that, if you didn't redo it after two years - probably you can't feel how much wrong it is, so no use to redo if you end up with something similar. The evidence against the traitor guy event isn't any less bullshit, I know, but there you could at least claim it as his Marty Sue insane luck kicked in. Which isn't too good of an excuse, but at least SOMETHING.
2/18/2019 c182 Knorles
so I guess Saito was summoned after all...?
2/18/2019 c182 3OechsnerC
Awesome update
2/18/2019 c182 1Stuka87
What the fuck?! So what's Saito's role in all this?
2/17/2019 c182 cl118409
I rarely ever comment on anything, but you sneaky sneaky bastard. I knew things would be different, but did not expect Saito to actually exist. I was eating and did a spit take full of food.
2/11/2019 c181 Guest
Aww, no BLAM-ings?
2/11/2019 c181 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Love your story
2/5/2019 c3 Why
Why does in every fan fiction even though the si knows what’s happening he does not fight back and give loose a good fucking slap in the face but instead the are like obedient fucking slaves?
2/5/2019 c180 OechsnerC
Nice update
2/5/2019 c180 TOWTWUKER
Isnt there a plot hole on the third reason?
2/5/2019 c180 Bluzerker
Holy shoot that was fast. Took me a bit of a week to read this and I’m glad that I read this. But dam, once I started this morning around the 151 chapter, and got to here it was quite fast. While the story is getting serious, i hope for more songs to keep his mind at peace. It’s nice having your protagonist taken down a notch, just to make him not too much like a Gary Stu. But the story seems to be going quite fast. I wanted to see the reactions of the other students on when David got struck down by lighting. Let’s hope David can fix losing his weapons problem. Like having muskets similar to the musketeers, maybe some rope on the knife so he won’t lose it? Oooo how about a shield for protection? Come one he’s an anime fan, he should notice some tropes that I’ve seen in this fanfiction. But I digress, this is your fanfiction you are in control and write this. Hope this turns out well for you in the end. :3
1/31/2019 c179 Twitch
I knew it all along!
*starts sorting through a pile of detonators*
1/31/2019 c179 The Inquisitor
Well, there’s only one thing to do then. After all, as a wise Lord Inquisitor once said, “A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time.”
1/30/2019 c179 Knorles
... Woah… unexpected would be putting it mildly. I can't wait to read the next part
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