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for The Most Fantastic Beast

12/13/2018 c2 17amelinasa
6/27/2017 c2 top story
Aw yay *claps* more, more!
1/14/2017 c2 buddhistbabe
What I like most about your two chapters thus far, is that I can really see both Newt and Tina acting like this. I like that, a lot.
1/5/2017 c2 1devufairy
it was awesome! plz continue!
1/4/2017 c2 Bellasiel
Awww! They are sooo adorable! Please keep writing and update soon!
1/3/2017 c2 SpenceSince1993
I love this story! It is so well written and engaging, just beautiful. Thank you!
12/28/2016 c2 2Raven that flies at night
Yes that was very cute I love this.
12/27/2016 c2 Guest
i love it! very cute!
12/27/2016 c2 2Gladoo89
I like a lot this new chapter!
Tina's thoughts about her pregnancy were very convincing, and Queenie is the best sister ;).

Oh, I can already imagine Newt being an awesome dad to his children. *w*
12/26/2016 c2 2Composed-of-Opposites
Yaaaas! So good! Queenie is quite the insinuator here. I could practically see her smirk. (By the way one of the aunties is missing an 'n')
12/26/2016 c2 Heather
Yayyyyyyyyy! I don't remember my password for fanfic...but in solidarity, I'm going to all of ur posts of this thing...cuz it's I'm passionate about the things I love.
12/26/2016 c2 5Pineapple3000
12/25/2016 c1 Katy
I love it!
12/23/2016 c1 2Composed-of-Opposites
Your hopes aren't for naught for this is a delightful story and I can't wait to see more. It has a sincere feel to and I'm curious about her interactions with the other beasts, if there will be any that is. All in all you've done a fantastic job and you should be proud of what you've written.
12/22/2016 c1 Brooke
I really enjoyed this! It was written well and married new Tina is so amazing I'm in love! Thank you for this I'm excited for little Scamander.! Keep writing :)
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