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for Scream his Name

8/20 c13 oof
8/20 c2 xtreme gamer
Bro tis is depresso
6/26 c13 Guest
It’s been a few years, I’m pretty sure it’s done
2/21 c7 Kgray
No don’t!
2/21 c3 Knatsu
Not bad really interesting
10/21/2018 c12 Maladictus
Your guidance counselor was lying don't listen to losers like him.
7/22/2018 c13 1yuutojaden
please continue
6/23/2018 c13 Mary
Omg, I remember reading this long time ago and I decided to see if there are any updates. I really hope you're gonna continue this story, but first:
How are you? Is everything ok now? Have things settled down? I really hope they did. If there's still something wrong, then please remember (even if maybe it's not that great of a support, especially that we can't see and talk to each other) that you always have your readers by your side! 3

Sorry if there are any mistakes, english isn't my native language ;p
6/12/2018 c11 Zela Night
I saw your notes. I want a happy ending for them( You the author, Natsu, and Gray).
5/2/2018 c13 3whataboringlife
Alternatively, if you wish, you could register secretely and post 'Scream his Name' on Ao3 with a different nick-name. You could post a new chapter in later date (either when your parents and school forgot about this or when you are 'of age') communicating to your followers of the change of location.
12/28/2017 c12 Guest
You know to be honest I and like a million more people love your fanfic scream his name and you should continue it. And also I want to know what E.N.D. does next to Gray.
10/13/2017 c13 loklambert
please continue
10/8/2017 c13 18kagehinaotp
7/17/2017 c13 11AUehara
Hey. It is really sad what has happened. Annoying and unfair too, if I'm to be sincere to you. It was unfair some people just don't know how to keep to their own business, but I sure hope you got a very valuable lesson from all this: never print an M-rated fanfiction and definitely do not take it to school (And I say that because something similar had happened to me... yeah, it was really annoying.)

Now! Let's go to the nice part of this review!
I was really enjoying the story. The smut was great, but the plot - because there is plot here - was interesting and I am hoping to read the rest of it when possible.

If I may drop one last suggestion, maybe you could finish writing it already and only post it later, you know. Even if you have to handwrite it. ;)

Best wishes,
3/17/2017 c7 4Under the Mourning Star
I feel like I should probably ignore this and step away without stirring up a fuss, but it doesn't feel right to not throw in my two cents. My honest opinion is that this is one of the most offensive stories I've seen in a long time. I don't object to discussing serious topics like rape in stories, but attitude is EVERYTHING. If you can't handle a subject with respect, then don't touch it. That's not to say that every story about rape (or whatever subject) has to be super realistic and just a treatise on how horrible it is or whatever—I'm not a SJW—but this particular story has crossed the line into disrespectful territory. Just the way you handle the subject, the characters' responses, the goddamn author's notes... Yeah, it shows that you have a complete lack of respect for an issue that is a serious trauma for a lot of people. It's honestly the notes that get me the most, this one (ch 7) in particular. It's just so tacky and disrespectful. You have a little bit of leeway within the story itself since the characters aren't all your clones and don't have to share all your views, but the notes are where YOUR opinions and attitude shine through loud and clear, and it's all bad.

The actual sex is poorly written, telling me that you've likely never had sex before, nor have any experience with gay sex. In addition, the content is so explicit that it definitely crosses into MA territory and is therefore against site rules. So far I see almost zero plot-this is just rape porn. Really poorly written, distasteful rape porn.

I believe that authors should be allowed to write what they want to write, but this just disgusts me so much. I sincerely hope that no one who has experienced assault themselves will ever read this, because it's so degrading and disrespectful. I'm honestly offended not just by the story, but by the attitude you have presented in your author's notes. Your flippant disregard of the serious nature of rape is astounding to me.

Wow. I was going to try to be nice about how I said this, but it didn't really come off that way. Sorry. I wish you luck with your writing in the future, but I sincerely hope that you decide not to continue writing this story UNTIL you develop a better understanding of rape and a more respectful attitude toward it. This kind of story can work if you do it right, but you have to understand all the deep emotional trauma and ramifications, and approach it seriously. When you can do that, then maybe think about coming back and trying again.
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