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for What if it wasn't Stan's Fault?

8/15/2017 c8 3Energy witch
A bit rushed but I'm glad Ford decided to trust Stan and tell him the truth about the portal, Bill cipher and his intentions.

Other than destroying the cave with the incantations and the portal, there's one detail they can't overlook: protect themselves from Bill's influence.

Even if Ford secures the shack, he along with his family or friends are in danger of being stalked, attacked, tricked or possessed by him. You can never be too careful.

Unless by some odd chance or an embarrassing Anecdote, Fiddleford gets inspired to invent the memory gun. Heck upon hearing about the invention it will give Ford hope that they can defeat Bill permanently with it.

With Ford's permission, Stan could confide in Fiddleford and he'll agree to help in building project menten for more protection against Bill. ;)
8/15/2017 c8 26Whiteling
Good to see it'll turn out OK... yet even with Stan taking the journal there's still one little loose end that needs to be taken care of: the cave with the instructions on HOW to summon Bill. Any one else could easily find them and the whole mess can start all over again - time for the brother to bring out the explosives and destroy it.
7/21/2017 c8 Guest
7/1/2017 c8 FlameSparks7
I love this story as Stan has shown to be a very good salesman and is smart enought to fix the Portal.
Though its a bit hard to read so could do with a polish.
6/26/2017 c1 jster1983
You know when you mention that fuse thing maybe that is really why the machine broke. I mean Stan might have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Either that or Ford built a machine so crappy that hitting the table it was on caused it to break. It's either got to be the fuse or the other thing. Plus the fact that Ford was too blinded by anger to realize the truth might have had something to do with him not seeing that.
6/24/2017 c8 7Fantasy Fan 223

it's done?! No portal drama?! NUH!112!

Jk :3 it's your choice if u want to end it.

BTW is there a sequel for this?! Because if there is you have to PM me :3 (if you said so at the end sorry, I am bad at deciphering hidden messages...)

Fantasy Fan OUT!
5/27/2017 c7 Fantasy Fan 223
And the plot thickens...

Good chapter! Yay FiddleFord doesn't lose his mind this time around! No society of the blind eye! Yay!

Francine is a cute name, who does she look more like though? Stan or his wife?

OOOH! What if Stan got sucked into the portal and Bill would be like "open it up again or lose your bro-bro!" That'd be so cool...in fact it was a plot that had been used by another author Kekefecint I think, I favorited the story, it's called "Trust Me"

OOOOOOR Ford COULD get sucked up BUT Stan gets tricked by Bill...yes!111! Another plot, this one inspired by flowerpower51 and her (frustratingly un-updated :[ ) story "I Bet my Life".

Okay, this is long :D

Fantasy Fan OUT!
4/28/2017 c6 Fantasy Fan 223
Yay! Stan's married! I hope they have kids! OH! what if they have two baby girl twins?! You know, 'cause the Stan twins are guys and the Pines twins are a guy and a girl. Two female Pines would be adorable!

The rose twins! Lisa-Rose and Ruth-Rose (that's sleeping beauty's original name) soooo cute :3

Anyway, nice chapter!

3/5/2017 c4 Fantasy Fan 223
Oh! I'm actually glad Stan's rich Noah, bur question, will they get married? I hope they do :3

Fantasy Freak OUT!
1/11/2017 c1 Fantasy Fan 223
Very good story! I'm enjoying it a lot and I hope you update soon!

Fantasy Freak OUT!
1/9/2017 c2 35LittleAmberAmethyst
This is an excellent second chapter. It's interesting that you still include some things from canon such as the Total Sham and Ford going to Backupsmore. Ford and Fiddleford's friendship is nicely done here. I like the joke why Fiddleford decides to call him Stanford instead of Ford. Good chapter.
1/3/2017 c1 jster1983
Yeah. It was me. Wouldn't it be twisted if Ford went back in time to stop Stan from messing up his project only to find out that it was his own fault in some cruel pre-destination time paradox? Or what if it was Bill Cipher who did it to make sure that Ford ended up in Gravity Falls? Somehow I think if they ever make a special one of those things may be the likely thing happening. Same thing about the portal. although that was more Ford's fault then Stan's. I mean you think a guy with 12 P.H.D's would have been smart enough to know to unplug a machine capable of opening up an inter-dimensional portal.
12/18/2016 c1 Jster1983
I always thought what would happen if Stan really wasn't at fault. I imagined time travel factoring Into it and Ford feeling guilty as a result
12/18/2016 c1 LittleAmberAmethyst
A good, solid opening chapter. It's interesting to see what could have happened had Stan not been the one responsible for the machine's failure. We know from canon that Stan did end up with a successful business. I'm curious to see what you have planned for Stan in this story. I also like that his mother is supportive. Good chapter.
12/18/2016 c1 8The Keeper of Worlds
Very interesting.

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