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5/11/2021 c2 1715813
I mean.. can a god get sick?
5/11/2021 c1 1715813
Oh yeah this is so Hades
5/5/2017 c2 1Angel of FRIVOLOUS CAKES818
I love this! It's so sweet. I firmly believe that Hades is one of the only gods who would do this for their partner.
4/19/2017 c2 4Angelyanski
I love this. Seriously. 3
12/30/2016 c2 32freyjaera
Very sweet! Who wouldn't love this?
12/21/2016 c2 1madame thome
What a sweet caring fellow Hades is.
12/21/2016 c2 9Ana88
Ah, this was adorable ;) I love their chemistry and how Hades is worried about her. It's a shame they don't spend too much time together but if you marry the Lord of the Underworld It's understandable.
Are we going to get more of these? I would love so.
12/18/2016 c1 1madame thome
Hades beloved is his true soul mate.
12/18/2016 c1 Anna88
Hi, I leave you a review before but for some reason it does not appear so here I am once again. First, this drabble is the cutest thing ever, I absolutely loved it! You could do a ZeusxLeto sometime ;) and second, I'm glad you have decided to keep writing because I really enjoy your work.
Keep up with the good work.
12/18/2016 c1 9Ana88
Wow, that was soooo cute, I loved it! I didn't even know you could do fics about greek mythology and I'm so glad you decided to write about Hades and Persephone :). You could do a ZeusxLeto sometime ;)

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