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for A Guardian's Song

8/29 c16 3Quietlovingman
fiancé d'etat not sure why FFN has à instead?
3/27 c14 lokarryn
Love the song at the end one of my favorites by Sting
8/12/2019 c1 CorruptedFlame
He ran at a door and broke his leg on it? This boy be WEAK lmao.
7/24/2019 c2 Joshera
While I like the idea, there's just something off about the writing. The flow is too quick and could use a bit more polish. When Harry's leg broke, it was just there, no mention of how it occured, and Skuld integrating in is too abrupt.
12/31/2018 c2 1Beeswax2

I'm LOVING the premise and the character interactions .
5/4/2018 c16 Rune Tobor
I like your interpretation of Hild.

Senator Kinsey needs to be killed.
5/4/2018 c14 Rune Tobor
Good battle.
Some might say it was too short but true fights are not long.
Long, drawn out fights only happen between equals.
5/4/2018 c12 Rune Tobor
I'm reading this for at least the third or fifth time.

I'm depressed enough I have been offered medicine, antidepressants.
I'm just a little scared of ever taking drugs like those, so I said no.

Instead of drugs I read, obsessively.
Stories that cheer me up get re-read.

So thank you for writing.
5/4/2018 c11 Rune Tobor
Lucius is dead!
Snape's not...

You're better than Rowling, but not perfect.

One of my favorite stories is Wizards Fall, the magical world is destroyed.
5/4/2018 c10 Rune Tobor
Not sure what to say here...
This is a great story but seems to have been lost in the huge archive that is FFN.
Would editing bump it up in the list so more people might read it?
5/4/2018 c9 Rune Tobor
Yes I'm intentionally adding to your review count.

Stupid, foolish, arrogant, Albus Dumbledore.
Because he didn't deal with Tom so much was lost.

The headmaster who caused the destruction of Hogwarts!
5/4/2018 c8 Rune Tobor
Thanks for the death of Cornelius Fudge.

I side with Hild, humans are stupid and stubborn, change with out pain is rare.

Many people in power will not let change happen peacefully.
They are afraid of losing something, having to share wealth and power.

We need a world wide revolution or global thermonuclear war.

Global warming, real or not, POLLUTING LESS IS COMMON SENSE!
5/4/2018 c20 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
5/3/2018 c6 2GeorgeTobor
A stitch in time saves nine.
Put the needed stitching of to long and everything unravels!

After the first war Dumbledore should have made sure all death eaters went to Azkaban!

No he gave them a second chance, all they did was kill more people.

Some of the blame for those murders rests on his shoulders, he is an accomplice.
5/3/2018 c5 GeorgeTobor
Skuld has made mistakes, but at least she did something!

Dumbledore does so little, his multitude of sins usually result from not doing anything when he should have acted.
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