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5/11 c14 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
4/19 c14 Adrienanna
Please pretty please update
3/23 c14 May
Tis amazing OMG! your are a talented individual pls update soon :)
2/28 c14 9523046dreams
Please update again
2/17 c14 Felix1Rolo2
This is so good can’t wait to for the next update
2/15 c12 MeliannYlan
I can't wait for the next update! I love this story. Just decided to do another read
2/5 c14 drg0n-dud3
OMG! XD I'm so ready for more!

but why are the last two chapters the exact same?
1/24 c14 8Natsuyuuki
1/18 c14 Shiba0330
1/15 c4 long.star14
oh why the twist it's so good I love that Alistair was someone that is one of the four It just makes this story more awesome
1/5 c14 12Esmereilda
lol good going Micheal u have successfully driven not only lucifer's vessel but your own to lucifer's side and insured that he will never say yes to u 'evil laughter'
1/4 c13 Esmereilda
i bet they found joshua
1/4 c12 Esmereilda
dumbles schemes are gunna blow up in his face XD
1/1 c3 Esmereilda
i'd actually seen that ep its pretty good
12/28/2021 c14 1mayawene
thank you
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