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for Of Downtime And Dreaming

2/25/2003 c1 4Rogue Kyne
I love this pairing! It is just so, RIGHT! I'm gonna go read the sequel now, I liked your story though.
2/24/2003 c1 12Zeng Li
Aw. I love Numbuh Four.and Numbuh One now, too. Good story and well-written!
2/22/2003 c1 VoltageRat
Yay! :)
2/21/2003 c1 6Alia1
O! KND slash! thank god, i thought id never find some.*eats slash hungrily* sorry, im a true fan of slash, and i couldn't help myself. Now, onto my review:

Very nicely written, some-what short and to the point. And you kept the everyone (except for obvious reasons) in character.. Something the rest of us are still struggling on.

Also, i noticed, you write out the accents.. very nice touch.

Four great big stars * * * *


PS- now im gonna go read the SEQUEL! yay..
2/18/2003 c1 N.C
col! ^^ KND slashy fic and it'z good! you gotta make a sequel! ASAP, most definitely. 1 and 4 pairing? VERY interesting! Sez who? Sez ME! make sequel make sequel make sequel make sequel(etc). ~N.C.
2/17/2003 c1 6Lito Kid Skullington
o_o; Kid is currently running around, screaming, "I knew it! I knew it would come! I just had to wait. WAIT, I TELL YOU! SLASHY KND, WO!"

She is far too busy writing "shounen-ai forevah" all over every surface exsisting to submit a reveiw. But, I speak for her when I say. wonderful. Beautifully written. And sweet as hell.

Keep up the good work. You rock.
2/16/2003 c1 Kezi
Kinda hard to imagine in a kids show but it was interesting...in a good way. I like how you did thier accents, you made it so that it seemed like you were listening to their actual voices. I commend you on being Different on the couples yeah You! Jaa ^_^
2/16/2003 c1 Venus

...Uhh, Number 4, nether the fic or reviews was about you with Number 3. Did'nt you read the story carfully? It was a slight slash 1/4 fic.

Number 4: O_O...I'm outta here.(walks out of the room)

I can't speak for Number 4 but well..not bad of a work and..I kinda hope you make a sequel too.

Number 4: I heard that!

2/12/2003 c1 Pinkie
Awww. Kawaii... You should make a sequel. I like how you type Four's speach. It sounds like how he talks. Pleeze make a sequel! ^_^
2/12/2003 c1 Ray B
KND shounen-ai. I never thought I'd see the day! Amongst all the Samurai Troopers yaoi, Sailor Moon yaoi and yuri, Gundam Wing yaoi, Shoujo Kakumei Utena yaoi, Slayers slash, Earthian yaoi (hell, Earthian IS yaoi), DBZ yaoi, and even ThunderCats gay fics, I didn't think I'd find something like this.

Hmm...maybe "shounen-ai" isn't exactly the word for it. They are, after all, children.

Still, I like KND and I love yaoi! This is one that I recommend to all. Keep up the great work.
2/11/2003 c1 IO Albina Neko
Wheeeeeeeee! Yeah, this _did_ turn out awesome. And you're not getting any flames... I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. ^^;

Crap, you're doing a better job with the accents than I am... oO;;

And Kimi, isn't it 7... uh, 7... O.O I forgot. Wow. Eheheheh...

::POKE:: Writeasequel! I will draw you that piccie for it, I swear! Just as soon as I get off this Prozzak phase we've all suddenly poofed into...
2/10/2003 c1 Kimi
^_^ Your making me want to get into this cartoon more and more koishii...I love the way you did the writing..maybe, maybe next time it could be 5x247? I enjoyed it, you portrayed the accents perfectly. I don't have a bit of constructive criticism...and you know from me, that's an honor. ^_^

2/10/2003 c1 Sunny Weather Clock
Verrryy...interesting o.o Write more! :D
2/9/2003 c1 2kosumi
GAAAAAAH! dat was only like...the SWEETEST thing EVER. HAHAHHA. I love it. wow. First KND fic with slashy hints. HAHA. isn't that awesome. dat's so awesome. Hey, do you like 3/1? I like that coupling. try that!
2/9/2003 c1 3Xtreme Chick
That was cute! And a new couple! Wow, I would never have guessed anyone would try this couple out! You did a great job! Keep up the good work!
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