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for Holy Hell

2/11/2023 c4 3lilgirlB
I wish there's still a continuation to this. it's very intriguing
1/24/2020 c4 recey2010
11/4/2019 c4 Ryuumi
Please write more! It was really really really good! Thank you so much! And I really really hope you update it soon :)
9/8/2019 c3 Amasian
LOL for some reason all I was thinking was Orochimaru hahahaha this snake is like the Cheshire cat! I know he's up to no good but it's all Neji has to go on. I feel like he is still in his pre-Shippuden stubborn mindset. Interested to see how this progresses!
9/8/2019 c2 Amasian
Very fun and light and flirty UNTIL the apple! DUNDUNDUN! I'm guessing it has something to do with Tenten being inherently a demon? Sorry to have taken so long to get to reading, school picked up so fast _
8/28/2019 c4 29fanofthisfiction
Originally having thought it was Tenten who was doing all the tempting and causing Neji to "come to the dark side," the wrench is thrown that maybe the snake (AKA Orochimaru) had a role? A little twist indeed. Thanks for sharing!
8/27/2019 c2 Kruwela

/cries/ time flies so fast! Huhu!

Good job on picking up where you left off and jumped back on the plot like you just wrote this yesterday! I appweciate you very much!

Sending so much love i’ll be counted as spam xx
8/27/2019 c4 Kruwela
Ohohohoh. Kudos! This is definitely going down to my list of favorite smuts for NejiTen (including the first chap bc OHOHOH) HOPING FOR MORE iN THE FUTURE!

That pesky snek tho. What’s he plannin to do with my Neji?! GO AWAYY SHOOO.

much love xx
8/27/2019 c3 Kruwela
Ahhh! What happened! I hope Nweji doesn’t get into too much trouble because of that favor! He’s been thru so muchhh. Huhu.
8/27/2019 c3 fanofthisfiction
Oh my. Neji's heaven appears to be welcoming all kinds of creatures not from the area! Laughs. I wasn't expecting a visit from Orochimaru but making a deal with the devil (or in the this case the snake), surely might come back to bite him! Alas at least Tenten has a fighting chance and Neji won't lose her before he has a chance to realize the pent up feelings he might actually be harboring for her. Thanks for sharing!
8/22/2019 c4 Guest22
Ohhh myyy goddd! You updated in less than a dayyyyy! I know it's super selfish of me to keep asking for more! I really really hope this story ends happy! Onegai! And thank you once again! :3
8/22/2019 c4 20Poodie

Orochimaru been getting his plans started! I can see maybe how this might unfold. And it's exciting!

Honestly, it's fitting that an arrogant Angel would have a superiority complex XD Wanting someone to submit to them, to beg and be obedient. It makes so much sense in the context.

I don't know what future sexual exploits you have planned for these two, but I have to admit that I would love at least for one of those in which Tenten flips the table. Tenten becomes the dominant one XD Don't get me wrong, the way they do it now it pretty steamy, but imagine Neji's pride if Tenten took over for a change XD

Anyway. I cannot wait to see how this progresses. In terms of their relationship with each other and with that snake. I don't know, but I kind of imagine that Neji and Tenten just have each other as fuck buddies, but one day right as they're gonna do it, instead of ravaging her, Neji just kind of passionately kisses her. She doesn't know why he isn't being aggressive or dominant as usual, HE doesn't even know why he cannot bring himself to do more. But really, it's because HE LOVES HER!

AHHHHHH! I'm just so excited!

Btw! If you need a beta reader to do spell and grammar checks, I would be honored to take that roll XD I know English isn't your first language, so that's why I offered :D But's it's okay if not though!

8/22/2019 c3 Poodie
Hahaha! I can imagine such a state of mind to be incredibly contagious XD

The snake is Orochimaru. It is fitting Not gonna lie, I forgot about the snake in the garden.

I am really curious how this will pan out. You you have everything planned? :D Will this be a full length story?

I'm so happy I decided to indulge my NejiTen side all those years ago. And even more glad you're continuing!

8/22/2019 c2 Poodie
Not gonna lie, I thought Tenten was choking on a piece of apple and Neji was gonna have to heimlich maneuver her...which would then result in dry humping...then more sexing XD

But this probably works for the better because now they can actually invest into each other, none sexually

I am super excited to see where this leads! It's always great to see older stories revive into the land of the living again and be continued! You have no idea how many stories I have on my list of 'please continue'. So glad we're getting more!

Where ever shall this lead?! :D

8/21/2019 c3 Guest22
Thisssss issss intresssting. Thank you for the update! Awaiting the next one! :')
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