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for A Simple Request

4/6/2017 c1 8TeaWithMeAtThree
Oh what a beautiful conflict :)
12/21/2016 c1 51Masked Man 2
'There may be something there that wasn't there before...' Bravo, my friend! Your glimpse into Viola's mind and heart as she falls rather inexplicably in love with Orsino was a very interesting one, and I quite enjoyed the tension of the ending, as Orsino, too, becomes cognizant of the fact that he may, in fact, be feeling something more than a sort of fatherly or brotherly affection for his young page. The use of the phrase "young bairn" made me laugh, if only because it sounded so rustic and out of place coming from Orsino's mouth, but on the whole, this was a fascinating piece!

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