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6/20/2020 c21 DemiWizard17
This is honestly to cute
6/20/2020 c20 DemiWizard17
I fangirled so hard in this chap
6/20/2020 c19 DemiWizard17
Omg this chapter this fic just
But lol A) I live for gray and gajeel being brotherly protective of Lucy to the extent they threaten natsu
B) damn bro that customer sounds like an asshole would love to see the 3 of them pulling up to the store murder in their eyes ready to Throw. Hands and then find out juvia B.A self already decked a bitch (also love the coffee thing)
C) respect for Lucy for farting/burping the alphabet like dam girl RESPECT I don’t think I physically can do that (low key jelly)
2/20/2020 c23 Guest
hello! i love this story with my whole heart and i still check in to see if you’ve posted a new chapter. hope all is well and can’t wait for the next chap!
12/25/2019 c23 70cosmictrap
how could you leave it here! i'm: sad
10/12/2019 c23 Guest
Omg I can't wait
9/4/2018 c23 Gage
Glad to have this story back! Missed it.
8/28/2018 c23 4FlameDragonHime
...well shit
8/23/2018 c23 SighzNoName
Eeeeekkkkkkk! Next chapter, next chapter! I need to know what’s what!
8/22/2018 c1 55thatwritersdream
AWE I LOVE IT. Natsu asking if they could keep her like she was a pet had me rolling
8/22/2018 c23 sarara1.8
8/21/2018 c23 Crazymagic16
OMG OMG OMG. I'm her fiance. OMG OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAY I am so happy.

ps- love the story. Keep up the good job. Hope you can write more.
8/21/2018 c19 12Kippysaurus
Oh yes get this printed! It is amazing! Do it! Do it! Do it!
8/21/2018 c23 sarahelle04
Ahhh welcome back! Such a good update THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING! So excited!
8/21/2018 c23 Lazygirlabc
Ahshsjdjsjjsbsbsnsja IM SO HAPPY THIS IS BACK
this is one of my favourite stories!
And natsu fiancé? And Jude comeing to their home. Well count me as hyped. And I just...aghdhdjdjdj
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