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10/12/2018 c5 4DORKALICIOUS Fan007
OMG! I know that song! Its 'UPSIDE DOWN' by Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally.

Its one of my favourite songs. If you happen to take parts of this chapter for 'My Horny Roommate' then please please please do include this song as well.
12/23/2016 c3 2Fanficgamer242
Omg I love this preview and i hope you have a successful story out of it. Keep it rated M I like where this is going. Can't wait to see this story in full effect.
12/20/2016 c3 Guest
So I read your previous chapters ideas and they were good. But I love the third chapter, with Marinette and Adrian going to college for music It's different I love it. I hope you continue on with this idea because it's very interesting and different. Especially when their roommates and there casually flirting with each other. Specially when Adriana speaking in different languages it was funny and cute. Please write more!

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