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for A different Sort of wizard

4/2 c10 Tissuetix
Honestly this is a really good fanfic, I’ve been trying to find some Harry Potter x Total drama fanfics and this ones great! I love the dynamics between characters, and they’re pretty spot on not much ooc here, keep up the good work :) Hope you keep writing this!
3/13/2018 c9 BookAddict11
Please continue, this story is so nice
2/11/2018 c9 2That Turtle Chick
Aw please continue this story, it is really good!
5/19/2017 c1 13The Feline Overlord
I really enjoyed reading this! I've never read an AU like this and Noah is one of my favorite characters. Everyone seemed in-character (I especially loved Izzy's random appearance), and Chris as Headmaster will certainly be interesting...
I did notice a couple of small grammar errors in the dialogue. For example:
"'Same to you, princess.' the boy replied" should be "'Same to you princess,' the boy replied". There is a comma instead of a period because they are part of the same idea.
I think Noah should be sorted into Slytherin. He's smart, but he's also cynical, and I think it would also cause more drama.

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