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for Choices and Consequences

8/31 c1 1ToshimiOkami
There needs to be more of this. Can there be more of this? Ive only come across fire forged Bella paired with Paul
8/28 c1 Camille.Silva
I love this story! It is so sweet... I would love to see a sequel to this!
8/26 c1 sbcorn
Dang, this doesn’t have to be a whole story but a two or three shot? Awesome sauce! This is good!
8/14 c1 Elisabeth123
Such a lovely story! Brilliant job!
8/2 c1 1li-spar1
I love this every time I come back and read it. It would make a great multi chapter story.
7/16 c1 5christinemarie13
Aw, I wish there was more.
6/26 c1 7rmiser1994
great first chapter! Can't wait to
6/15 c1 3HermioneIncarnate
Great one shot. I’d love to see another chapter of this.
6/4 c1 Guest
6/5 c1 67MoonPrincess623
Oh yeah she missed something. Mate bonds.
5/31 c1 MrsMajorJ
Oh this was fun! Thank you for such a good story
4/16 c1 Mel
I love this oneshot. I never understood how Bella accepted the family back after the heartbreak she went through, especially when they didnt even say goodbye. Her change in attitude was perfect and Jasper's realization was great. Subtle with references and the emotions spoke out clearly. Amazing work. I wish there was another part for Bella and Jasper's life after finding each other.
4/8 c1 Blue
I liked this fic a lot! Thought I would love to know more about Alice & Edward's actions after that (will they apologize, will they try to change), it was very nice to see Bella becoming stronger, and closer Emmet, Rose and Jasper. At least a fic where it's plenty acknowledged that all the Cullen did wrong!
3/28 c1 Babysis64
oh my this was a good one shot. I'm glad that Bella is a lot stronger now then the weak person. So now Jasper knows that Bella is the one true mate, and so does Alice and Edward. They probably knew all along right. Thank you for sharing this with us and have a good weekend.
2/22 c1 2sc4536
I come back to this often because I love it so much. I love your Rose, and your new Bella’s stronger attitude
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