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for Choices and Consequences

2/16 c1 5truthrowan
Stumbled across this while I was looking for a story with a similar name, and since I like this fandom too I figured I'd give it a read. Oh Holy Hades, I hope you have more, I'm really in love with this story! You make this work so well, it's so believable with the changes you wrote into Bella, and though I've never considered Edward and Alice's behavior the way you portrayed it, from this perspective I can totally see it. Really well written and enjoyable, I look forward to reading some more of your work.
1/13 c1 9Fleur24
Well this was a bombshell. A few of things l wasn't expecting, but am quite pleased with. I always thought Bella let the Cullens off to quickly. They didn't ever have to earn back her trust and whatnot. So l love that Bella gave Rose and Emmett a piece of her mind, and knickung down pedestals. They in returned gave it to the rest of the family. The fact that none of them could hide behind the excuse of Edward and Alice. That they all had choices, and now have to deal with the consequences of those choices.
So Edward and Alice were keeping a mated pair apart. That's selfish and malicious to begin with, not to mention illegal (this is practically fannon from l have seen and read.) I like how they slowly figured it out and obivous it was when they did. The scene at the end of rathet sweet. That Bella smells different to Jasper, was nice.
1/2 c1 1LadyBlackHart
Omg, I want more. I loved this, it was amazing and I just wanted to keep reading.
11/15/2019 c1 10Neemarishima
Oh I'm glad I found what I missed of this couple: this. Your references from the books are well placed. The way you tell the emotions are reasonable. Sometimes I wonder if Bella really had life surrounded by Cullens (aside Edward and Alice) because of the lack of it in the books. Here you point out that beautifully. Thank you for this!
10/2/2019 c1 LunaM303
cause you did something big
8/31/2019 c1 1ToshimiOkami
There needs to be more of this. Can there be more of this? Ive only come across fire forged Bella paired with Paul
8/28/2019 c1 Camille.Silva
I love this story! It is so sweet... I would love to see a sequel to this!
8/26/2019 c1 sbcorn
Dang, this doesn’t have to be a whole story but a two or three shot? Awesome sauce! This is good!
8/14/2019 c1 Elisabeth123
Such a lovely story! Brilliant job!
8/2/2019 c1 1li-spar1
I love this every time I come back and read it. It would make a great multi chapter story.
7/16/2019 c1 5christinemarie13
Aw, I wish there was more.
6/26/2019 c1 7rmiser1994
great first chapter! Can't wait to
6/15/2019 c1 3HermioneIncarnate
Great one shot. I’d love to see another chapter of this.
6/4/2019 c1 Guest
6/5/2019 c1 67MoonPrincess623
Oh yeah she missed something. Mate bonds.
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