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12/30/2020 c1 1reisova
Nice story
6/9/2020 c1 Clare
An amazing Christmas fanfic! Very romantic and sexy. And a shirtless Captain. Happy Christmas to us all :D Lols Even if I am writing this review in June but you know what I mean.
1/31/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
I liked this story :)
1/18/2017 c1 25charleybec
I loved this. Such a great story and you are an awesome writer. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Please write more, I'm such a fan of your work! Great job!
1/10/2017 c1 10bloomandgrow
What a beautiful Christmas story. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
1/8/2017 c1 27utility - singer
Very sweet. Just right for early on a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing it.
12/29/2016 c1 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
Awww! This was just wonderful-even if I did read it after Christmas!

I am so glad that things are looking up for you in real life! Your one of my very favorites and I was so happy to see an entry from you!

And New Years Bonus...shirtless Captain!
12/27/2016 c1 Guest
Wonderful story
12/25/2016 c1 36augiesannie
Ohhhhh gosh this was wonderful! Loved the sweet, awkward tension between them (*gulps upon recalling the shirt thing*) and I am so happy Anna Magdalena is doing well! You are really a good writer - understated and subtle and effective - and I will miss your story but hope you'll be back soon with more!
12/22/2016 c1 Guest
FABULOUS! Please write more. And I loved your other story too!
12/22/2016 c1 Cobbler
Yay fluffiness and your returned. I sincerely hope that whatever is happening in your life will work out and 2017 is a better year for blessings and peace to you x
12/24/2016 c1 33Lauryn Vi
Your scenes are absolutely flawless - natural, earthly, with just the right amount of tension and yearning. Love the bit where G runs into M flying around the corner, and how they feel a bit awkward yet charmed by the other. And that reprise at the end - when they're already together! - was so lovely and satisfying.
12/22/2016 c1 Guest
I love it. So sweet and adorable.
12/22/2016 c1 Guest
Beautiful story, no baroness in the way !
12/22/2016 c1 62gothicbutterfly95
Love how the literally bumped into each other, and Georg telling her to never change when she brought the supplies down to the stable.
Georg's answer to Gretl about the foal was great, and I love that there was a little moment with Liesl. And that you used 'dewy-eyed idealist'!
The way Georg asks Maria to stay on at the villa past September was another great way to get her there during the holiday season. I really liked how it wasn't expressly stated whether they had been married or not until the very end, which was so beautiful.
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