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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

11/6/2018 c3 LorDZahard
Shiro Sagisu is just a incredible songwriter!
10/17/2018 c12 Guest
Narcissists and sociopaths have no conscience, the concept of selflessness is beyond the capabilities of Trump, even if we wish it were otherwise. Even when faced with with true horror his attention span is so short any good intentions would be like those of a mayfly, fleeting and ultimately self serving in the long run. Hes just not an good person.
9/23/2018 c1 Guest
I'm making a fanfic about a rock and morty episode about the virus aliens that make fake memories so after Rick killed all the pari
9/17/2018 c16 Guest
Make lynn or luna pregnet with linco n child
9/15/2018 c24 Guest
I'm getting the feeling that Lincoln in this fanfic is gonna fall in love with Lynn also and I don't really like the idea of that especially when he is already hooked up with Luna. I don't really like the idea of Lincoln falling for Lynn when he's already with Luna because when Luna finds out that he also had fallen for Lynn, Luna will be really devastated and broken and think he broke his promise for Luna not being a phase and might even kill herself for that or in the other hand, when Lynn finds out that, even though Lincoln had fallen for her, him and Luna are a thing and might be heart broken. All I'm saying here is, if I were you, I won't continue this whole Lincoln and Lynn thing or else, Lincoln might damage his relationship with Luna and break up with him and leave him as a broken-hearted man with no chance of moving on and because I much rather support the whole Luna and Lincoln thing in this fanfic rather than the whole Lynncoln situation going on which I do also support but, for me, I thought this fanfic was about Lincoln and Luna being in love with each other and Lincoln and Luna ONLY without any other Loudcest going on like Lynncoln, Lenicoln (idk if it's really called that but I tried) or anyone else and if there that kind of Loudcest going on, they are just in love with Lincoln without him knowing and it just ends there. But who am I to judge this amazing fanfic (love this fanfic btw), I'm just giving my thoughts if Lincoln in the near future will fall in love with Lynn also and the whole consequences behind it when Luna finds out.
9/10/2018 c1 Guest
In gonna go make a fanfic where all man does a but lincon is still alive because of the cure Lisa gives to lincon before all man died . But good thing that only human man die off but not the male creators like fish bugs or animals fish you point. Lisa made a clone machine but she tells all details of the tv that only clone lincons .can be clones because when she trys to clone a man it die of exposure of the man killing virus that only kill the clone ones but not linco n she's also state that if the clone linco n got a girl pregnant it's seeds will make only clones of her brother or sissters in 14 colors . when Lisa finished with her speech on tv. her mom and siblings got sorry looks that in a year or two the world would be covered with versions of them but the only boys will lincon and his sisters in 14 different colors and with white yellow brown and orange hair color. But after two years the world is better with no way world hunger greed or wild life going indenger because of men lincon sees a nabor a pregnant women with an teen lincon working . on moving baby stuff to the room so the baby will have a room. Sam and luna got married . And get pregnant with two baby clones with blue skine and have white hair and the other one lincon butt a girl version of him with brown skin and white hairs with blues eyes. Rita is glad that it's been two years. And no war women made and she is glade that Lisa made the machine that help humanity. when before the virus that killed all man but lincon it starded with a deal Lucy made will an cipher since I'm an different world before where navigation Lucy to alleys chake Ford or stains pocket in Chase of something he misdirected Bill after a month from now Bill trust Lucy for some reason. And before the deal is made with stain on Ford's clothing he scrape the memory erasher and restored it .after Bill deal is made he killed stain only and got back to Lucy loud after Halloween . he sees Lucy and hug her and said if it won't for you girl I would be stone or something just for you saving me life I'll make you a deal no trick and all version of your family from different world will not get hurt buy me. So what deal you want to make. Lucy said that she is spool f...h sick of man and she wants a virus to kill only human man but not linco n or other creatures on earth and will asleep give an idea that is will make. machine that only clones her and s and brother only with 14 different skin colors and if any get pregnant make there baby boys a lincon only and just girls of my sister's and only a girls version of lincon as well no boy versions of my sister's and you will make my and my brother and sisters inmartal. Hmmmm a virus that only kills human man beacese there jackasses of themselves i like it no war or killing the planet and the best part is only human girls slowly die out and replaced with just clones of you sisters and brother I loved it oh and don't worry youre sissters and brother and you are in are game because I love chaos and you're 's as de.. What i omost forget make sure that only the girl but my sister's me have with pets to with only big breast and animal ears and tails and clone lincon s as well with big ...dog and make it not illegal to fu.. You sister or brother outside with a pet in the mall or anywhere it's a percent deal you help me and I'll help you
8/23/2018 c1 Guest
Did you read the crown from adventure time and the loud guardian fanfic oh I just got a new loud noise book today and I'm gonna go buy the toys and plush as well oh good story can you make one about London ducks a dog and lyn n n link a as well
8/19/2018 c24 TheTomatoGod
I feel in love with this story since Chapter 1 and have not been let down at all. I love the drama, suspense, realization of loving someone that shouldn’t be loved, the happy moments, the dark, ugh everything. I hope you continue to write this story, but do take your time, you wouldn’t want to rush something this deliciously good. Much love ️!
8/16/2018 c24 Zaddist
You are a ledgend in writing all this! This was a good month of me reading this when I got free time. Your an awesome writer and I hope you take care of yourself and be happy.
8/15/2018 c1 Guest
What i haven't read this yet so came lincon get his sisster luna and lynn pregnant when Lincoln did luna while lynn did a dog
7/29/2018 c24 6The PhantomHokage
Hey man sorry I haven’t reviewed in while life been crazy for me but still love the story though lot of girl on girl action which isn’t bad though love to see Lincoln give Luna some love and can’t wait to see brownie part will Luna and Luan already be fucked up or will Lincoln and Lynn be joining them on that journey can’t wait to see more but don’t rush it
7/16/2018 c24 Guest
I have two points for you


B) you make the most beautifully long chapters I have ever seen short for you is a entire story for others (it's a sad-a-ing fact)
7/16/2018 c24 RavenRaze
Finally had a chance to read this again finally still amazing :D
7/8/2018 c24 TheTomatoGod
Oh my goodness I can’t believe you are back. I’m excited to read every new chapter or story you post! I’m happy to hear your life is going better, and I wish you all the luck going forward! Much love!
7/6/2018 c24 jasongd
Uuuuuhhhuuu great story congrats
I realy hope that you will continue this can't wait for next chapter
I'll be witing for next chapter
And good luck with this story UUUUUHHHHHUUUU
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