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for The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok!

7/6/2018 c24 jasongd
Uuuuuhhhuuu great story congrats
I realy hope that you will continue this can't wait for next chapter
I'll be witing for next chapter
And good luck with this story UUUUUHHHHHUUUU
7/2/2018 c24 Guest
One of the only good fics left on here
7/2/2018 c1 Guest
Clod too long but good can you make lynn pregnant with London's baby
7/1/2018 c24 Dread55
I am 100% on the fact the brownies are Jumpjumps idea from 2 years ago.
Past that ,thank god you came back. Ever since you left story level has gone down the drain.
I hope your return will light a spark for other writers to bring in there game. 100/100 as allways.
6/27/2018 c24 lampe.andrew1
Terribly sorry, I actually read the chapter when it first came out and as always it was enjoyable and had that tension of eroticism. Lincoln is clearly attracted to his older sisters that are attracted to him not just Luna and this is beginning when he slowly comes to that realization and the best move to do at that time is probably come clean to Luna about since she is technically in that same situation of being attracted to her sisters as well. I remember Lincoln mentioned something about finally going back to school does that mean we'll probably see some familiar characters try to sympathize with Lincoln about that incident since it was a viral video on the internet? I am pretty sure Lincoln and Lynn are in for a surprise next chapter, we just don't know if it is an erotic one or a very grim one.
6/27/2018 c24 JRC1700
Nice chapter, and great to have you back! As far as this chapter being short... well maybe compared to your previous ones, but I thought it was fine! I enjoyed the development on the Lincoln/Lynn arc, it'll be interesting how all of that plays out with Luna!
6/26/2018 c24 1Anthony LoGatto
Welcome back, my friend. Glad to see how Polly Pain and Margo grew up during the three-year period. Can't wait for more!
6/26/2018 c24 StupidIdiot
Literally! LITERALLY! awesome that you're back dude and I'm looking forward reading all the way to the end. Thank ya dude and love ya!;D Keep it going!
6/25/2018 c24 STR2D3PO
It's good to have you back I've really missed this story and don't worry we all have a little bit of bullshit in our lives that we have to deal with this was a funny chapter really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next one
6/25/2018 c24 84668212
Good to see you back!
6/25/2018 c24 2SomeBloke420
It's been too damn long, mate, & I'm glad to see you again.

Once again, the chapter, even if it's shorter, is still amazing to the last detail.
Dude, you take as much time as you need to work your shit out, just don't ever give up, especially when it comes to this story.

I can't wait to see the next amazing chapter you've got cooking up.
Best of luck to ya, dude.
6/25/2018 c24 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!

I'm sorry about not reviewing for a while.

My Review and "The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok":

I think I'm transitioning in a way. I used to review ALOT for a lot of stories. Now, it just seems like I read and I'm trying to write my own story. It just one and I'm trying to focus on it. Your story is a GREAT story! Let nobody tell you otherwise. Like you in some or small ways, things happening in life and I'm transitioning into. Anyway, it not just your story, but everyone story that I like on my Profile. It depends on the mood I'm in and if I don't have a lot of work to do or to catch up with some writing I need for my story.

Lincoln Loud:

Well, this is another interesting way Lincoln and Lynn come closer. The sewer scene and the shower was really erotic and began Lincoln thought process of his attraction to Lynn Loud. It just so interesting how this will come together. Lincoln really has a close bond with Lynn, almost as close as Lincoln and Luna relationship are. Lincoln or Luna are probably going to be pulled by a different Loud Sibling in a Love-Web, where they are cheating on each other with the guilt it with another sibling and that they are cheating on their significant others. I have to admit that Lincoln and Lynn clumsily filling each other up and accidental kiss was good job. Then the Shower scene of Lynn having to hide Lincoln in the Girls Restroom was good with Lynn teammates and then the Cheerleading Squad was good. I bet at some point Lincoln might pressure Lynn as to why she does not have a Boyfriend, then something might happen.

Lynn Jr Loud:

She has burning desire to be with Lincoln. Probably sexually frustrated and being a athelet does not help. Interesting dialogue and confession that Lynn and Lincoln had. It was very intimate that they revealed some secrets to each other. Lynn seem to have a pegging fetish and has been questioning Lincoln dating. It rather interesting to read how they become closer to each other. They're dialogue was reminded me of intimate friends that look it was ready to become something more. I bet Lynn goind to be playing with her gords and that. I do wonder if the Weed Brownies will lead to something more intimate in the future. This was funny to read how Lynn and Lincoln basically ignore Mr. Grouse to focus on Luan brownies.


1) Will Luan Brownies have any drugs in them? What will happen when Lincoln and Lynn are under the influnce by the Brownies?

2) What going on with the Loud Family now that Lincoln and Lynn are back at the Loud House?

3) Which Loud Sister would push Luna to get more intimate with- Leni, Luan or possible Lucy?


1) That could be way for Lincoln and Lynn to actually open up to their feelings for each other. Sure, they could blame the Brownies, but that does not mean anything will be the same. Lynn could actually get to score with Lincoln or Lincoln could think Lynn is Luna. You could play this all off in whatever way you want.

2) You could write a bit about that. Maybe Luan and Luna are becoming more intimate or Luan let it slip to Leni that Luna and Lincoln are in a relationship. You could really use Luan, Luna and Leni more to realize their feelings for Lincoln and each other.

You could focus on a scene with Lisa and Lucy. Sort of Lucy and Lisa having dialogue with each other and have some revelations. Such as Lucy hinting that she knows what going on with Lincoln, Luna and possible other Loud Siblings. With Lisa, Lucy could discover a hint at Lisa experiment and Lucy could be the Morty to Lisa own Rick. If you want to play on "Rick and Morty" themes some more.

3) Intimate, either emotional or physical. Obviously, you could have Luna get intimate with Leni and Luan. Sort of explore more Luna attraction to the female sex and figure a break through or break down of Luna being not only attracted to Lincoln, but some of her sisters. I hope for Luna and Luan, but I would not mind if Leni or Other Leni got bold with Luna.

Lucy kind of tricky, given she going through puberty and she have physical attraction to Luna but and such. It would be interesting to read Luna comfort Lucy with some struggles she going through, not in a sexual way. Like Lucy struggling with her own feelings of attraction to her siblings and revelations she found out, which Lucy could confide in Luna. It would be intense emotional scene in some ways.

Thanks for the update.

I can't promise you I will review every chapter, but I will continue to read/follow your story.
6/25/2018 c24 nuuo
Nice to see you back! Each of your chapters was a meal of a chapter so I stopped after Leni & Luan's Revenge chapter.

That case where you punched your brother's gangster stalkers cleared up? And now you're dealing with your sexuality, hooked up with a new trap friend or something?
6/25/2018 c24 28NeoGamer93
Glad to see you back hope you update soon
6/25/2018 c24 Jason Chandler
Another good chapter! I'm glad to see you back. (:
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